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Baked Chicken and rice for 80
I am cooking lunch for 80 children with an average age of 7.
I wanted to cook healthy skinless boneless chicken breasts. I have a commercial kitchen available including two ovens with multiple shelves. I need a recipie or method that will cook the chicken and ensure it is moist and tasty, I am serving it with steamed rice. Also, how much chicken will I need to cook and how much rice?

Many thanks for your help.

Kids like finger foods, I suggest you use chicken tenders, or cut the breasts into strips. Then do a baked "oven-fried" method that will give a crispy coating.

1 pound raw per 6 as 2 ounces cooked is a serving for this size child. This simple recipe from Betty Crocker will do what you want:

Offer a choice of BBQ sauce/marinara or Ranch dressing (make with buttermilk and Greek yogurt, instead of mayo) as dipping sauces; you need about 3 pounds of each.

You might consider either mac and cheese (for the dairy value) or spaghetti with marinara (for the veggie value) as alternatives to rice. Both are more popular and more nutritious than plain rice. You need to end up with 1/2 cup starch as the serving, so you will do a little experimenting at home to see how your chosen starch cooks up. Rice varies in cooked volume depending on the type.

You need to have one package of vegetarian unchicken patties or unchicken tenders in case you have any vegetarians.

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