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Cook Talk

I am wanting to warm up a roaster full of jambalaya. It has been in the refrigerator over night. How long before i want to reheat it should it sit out and take chill off and What temperature should I reheat it on and how long. The pot is full to the top . Will probably feed around 60 people.
how long and what temperature should I reheat a roaster full of jambalaya. It is full to the top. Feeds 60. It is cold.
Don't set it out at room temp. Preheat the roaster or oven to 400 at least 20 minutes covered, put the cold tightly covered pan in and immediately turn to 300- 325 (you do the overheat so the cooker doesn't blast on and start burning the pan as soon as you put it in).

Have some tomato juice or broth available, to add as the food heats up, to keep it moist. Thick and dry does not reheat well. Stir starting after about 1/2 hour.

Allow 3 hours reheating time. Check with a quick-read thermometer in the center of the pan- once it reaches 165, you can turne the cooker/oven down to 180 to hold. Keep it covered, stir occasionally, pay attention to the temps.

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