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Cook Talk

wedding reception for 125
We are planning a lunch wedding reception where the hot foods are catered: chicken and macaroni and cheese with chopped tomatoes and asparagus in it. I am providing the mixed green salad and a fruit salad.

How much mixed greens should I buy? For the fruit salad I was going to buy blueberries and raspberries and cut up some watermelons. Can you tell me how much I should plan for the fruit salad?

Yes, use the plan for 100 table for the salad, do 1 1/4 times the amount for 100.

The fruit, you may want a fruit tray instead of salad, prettier, eats easier and leftovers are more usable. On the fruit tray page, it tells you what to so and how many pieces various weights of fruit make, you want about 8 bites per person. This could be salad or tray.

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