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Planning a sweet 16
Hi Iam planing a sweet 16 for my niece . It is on a Saturday night from 8 to 12 for like 40 people all of them mostly teenagers. I am planning on cooking myself. so far I am thinking , tacos, lasagna or white pasta , rice , salad . is this ok or should I add something else. we are having cupcakes.
A taco bar with a nacho option would be popular, I would add rice, beans, and 2 pans of enchiladas.

Since it's Saturday night, pizza, maybe make it yourself or top it yourself, with a lasagna side dish would alos be an option.

In either case, you want also a table of nibbles and appetizers that goes with- chips with guac and salsa or meatballs and bruschetta.

Both options are good- 40 teens eat like 50 adults, so just use 1/2 of any of my estimates for 100. You feel free to write back.

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