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How much food for a party of 100
Hi - I am having Middle Eastern food for a party of 100 people -- After appetizers, (cheeses, fruit, and cold meze) my plan is to serve 2 chicken dishes, 2 lamb dishes, 3 vegetarian dishes and 2 salad options. I was thinking of getting enough to fill one large disposable chafing dish for each option (so, 2 small, deep dishes each) - Will that be enough food? I was thinking that i might need more salad or possibly more of the entrees. Thanks
And rice, of course, about 12 pounds dry...

These size pans make about 30 servings, so you have just enough, not much left. If they are lamb lovers, you might add a 3rd dish of lamb.

With the salad, you might do 80 servings of a tabouli type, and 80 servings of an Israeli type salad.

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