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Cook Talk

church luncheon with BBQ pork as entree
We are serving about 50 people a lunch with BBQ pork sandwiches as our main course. What wouold be some "knock out" sides to serve with it?
Classics with pizazz would be

Beans- look at my borracho ("drunken") beans; or a black bean recipe, or how about something marinated with all kinds of beans.

Potato Salad- there are really good potato recipes on this site, including a spicy Nepalese and a gorgeous pink Russian variation- How about 2 of these colorful choices

Alternative might be a tabouli, rice, or barley salad= and maybe a chopped Israeli salad as a veggie dish.

Slaw- definitely a BBQ style, like the Carolina style on this site. There are a bunch of terrific slaw recipes on site, inclding Mardi Gras slaw.

Also, consider a better quality roll- Kaiser or poppyseed, or maybe even ciabatta. And don't ignore fruit platters with plenty of pineapple and a really bang up dessert selection.

Flavored ice teas and good limeade instead of lemonade as an option would be a nice change.

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