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wobbly pans on ceramic cooktop
Hi all - ceramic stove top implies wobbly pans (most of them anyway). I am trying to see if I can solve this by using a some sort of pan support to place dierctly on top of the burner. Not sure if the regular gas stove support will work. Any ideas?
Don't do the supports, it can ruin the top.

The way the se tops work is by sensing the heat in the pan bottom; if you interfere with direct contact, it causes the sensors to go crazy.

Wobbly pans means they are not flat on the bottom, which they must be to work on this type stove. You will have to replace your pans- or your stove- with new pans, not enameled, not copper bottom, and aluminum stains these tops...

I know about the contact business, and I thought of using a support that actually touches the stove top...

The bottom of all my pans are flat, then they wobble over time (or instantly if it's cast iron, even heavy). The problem is that the flat surface is super sensitive to imperfections, as opposed to a pan support for gas stove. I use a mallet sometimes to straighten the bottom.

Actually, I have mostly heavy aluminum pans, and a Mauviel copper/stainless steel pan which is the only one that will not wobble at all.....

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