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Deborah Remigio
I;m serving bagels lox and cream cheese plus tuna salad, egg salad and coleslaw for 200 people. I will also have tomato slices, picles, olives cucumbers and fruit platters. I need to know how many pounds of tuna and cabbage I need plus how many dozen eggs? Im thinking I need 3o pounds of lox?Does that seem right? And how much mayo for both the tuna and eggsalad.Also how many large tomatoes i need for slicing? Thank you so much. Your site which I just found is amazing.
Just today I received a cookbook called, "The Jewish Princess; Feasts and Festivals", so I feel especially ready to discuss this menu!

bagels- assuming the regular size, 1 1/2 (3 halves) per person
lox- 1 pound per 6
cream cheese- 1 pound per 8
tuna salad, 4 gallons per 100 (how much tuna depends on what you add- do a single batch with a small can to figure this) or if ordering, order by gallons...
egg salad, same as tuna- you need 150 eggs per 100
If people tend to eat more tuna in your neighborhood, order/make a gallon extra

coleslaw, about 40 pounds (5 gallons)

tomato slices, 24 pounds
pickles, 2 gallons assorted
olives, 2 gallons assorted
cucumbers, are you making a cucumber salad of some kind? you need about 3 gallons per 100, which takes about 12 pounds of cucumbers per 100. Just sliced, about 1/2 that

fruit platters- see the fruit tray page

Mazeltov to the young lady. If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support the site.

By the way, don't forget
capers, 3 quarts
thin sliced red onions, about 8 pounds

You might want to add:

Jam or preserves, 3 quarts

challah or rye bread or pita- about 12 pounds

Some kind of quiche. This can be done in individual cupcakes or tarts, served room temp.

If there will be a lot of kids, you might consider adding peanut butter to your spreads.

And I was tickled by the suggestion that you could include a “Coke-tail bar” serving sodas, virgin coladas and Shirley Temples for the kids.

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