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Grilled Cheese Party
Hi Ellen, planning a soup and Grilled Cheese Party for 25 people. Thought I would make tomato and Italian Wedding Soup and set up Grilled Cheese like a taco bar. I need to know how much soup and how many sandwiches to make and if you had any suggestions for different kinds of bread, cheeses etc. You have made many of my parties a success so I welcome your suggestions. Thanks again!!!!
This is definitely an "in" idea this year.

Get the types of breads that have an oval slice. I would suggest a seedless rye or pumpernickel, an artisan multigrain, a sourdough white (or possible Italian), and if you have access a fruit and raisin (cranberry walnut, for example. Get 1 slice white per person and 1/2 slice of three others, and add one extra loaf and you will come out great.

Cheeses; sharp cheddar of course, maybe a white? A Swiss, Jarlsburg, gruyere or Emmanthaler. A jack, havarti or fontina.

Very good to get sliced, if you buy at a deli. Allow 2 ounces per person plus some wiggle room. Have thin sliced tomatoes and thin, crisp bacon prepared as add-ons; about 3 pounds tomatoes and 2 pounds bacon, and maybe a little deli-sliced shaved ham.

have 2 pounds of sour cream or plain greek yogurt and a pack of Goldfish crackers to float in the soup. Have a shaker of Parmesan cheese, or shaved Parmesan. About 2 gallons of wedding soup and 2 of tomato, and you may have some left.

If this saves you time, trouble or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime or quarter per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

Thank you again, like ur suggestions. I have donated before and most definitely donate again, I love your sight and have suggested to many. thanks again
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