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granite ware stock pot on ceramic or gas stove
Hi I am new in this forum. I recently bought the
Granite Ware stockpot I was going to use to cook the beans but saw the instructions say do not use on the glass/ceramic stove. I stumbled on this website and find useful but not the answer that I am seeking. Does anyone have use the granite Ware stock pot, is it ok to use to cook the white beans or no? Any advise other wise I have to use another pot or maybe use crock pot but I think the slow cooker pot is too small for the large cooking.
also I will be moving into another place that has gas stove, can I use the Granite Ware stock pot on the gas stove in the future?
Thank you.
I am glad
Graniteware is great on gas. It cannot be used on ceramic tops for 2 reasons; size and composition.

Size: pot should be no more than 1 inch larger than the burner in order for the burner to work well. Most granitware pots are much larger.

Composition: The glaze which coats the graniteware interferes with the heat transfer from the top to the pot and the sensor from the pot to the top, interrupting even heating. If it overheats, it can actually melt the glaze on the pot, which will fuse permanently to the top. Very difficult, usually requires replacement of the top.

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