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Cook Talk

New Years Eve Dinner
Jim Dyer
Dear Ellen, I am going to fix dinner for 400 people. The menu is: Cubed steak and gravy, grits, turnip greens, black-eyed peas, and corn bread. Could you help me with the amounts of these dishes that i will need? And apple cobbler. Many thanks.
Cubed steak, 180 pounds beef
gravy, 14 gallons

grits, 5 pounds per 100

turnip greens, 52 pounds whole or 26 pounds ready to cook
black-eyed peas, 8 pounds per 100 dry or 24 pounds fresh per 100

corn bread,
10 9x13pans per 100

apple cobbler, 8 9x13pans per 100; 5 gallons ice cream per 100 for topping

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