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90th Birthday Reception
Hi - Menu for my Mother's 90th Birthday Reception consist of:
Vegetable Beef Soup
Potato Soup w/Toppings (Bacon, Cheese, Scallions)
Cheese Slices w/Variety Crackers
Chicken Salad Crossiants
Spinach Dip w/chips
Pasta Salad
Asian Salad
Cake/Ice Cream
Bottled Water

to serve 100 people. Could you tell me how much food of each item I should prepare? Thanks!

Hi, Debbie,

What a happy occasion!

This is somewhat affected by whether the guests are all ages or mostly near her age. I am estimating for all ages at a meal time, reduce 10% if it is mostly her age, and 10% if it is not at a meal time.

Vegetable Beef Soup-3 gallons
Potato Soup w/Toppings (Bacon, Cheese, Scallions)- 4 gallons, some left, but not too much

Cheese Slices w/Variety Crackers- 12 pounds cheese, 6 crackers, some left

Chicken Salad Croissants- use th reception level from the sandwich page, and do 2 mini croissants, not 1 large

Spinach Dip w/chips- 8 pounds chips, 6 quarts dip

Pasta Salad 5 pounds dry pasta plus add-ins
Asian Salad (slaw type?)- 2 1/2 gallons

Fruit- use the fruit tray page

Cake/Ice Cream- full sheet cuts 50 servings- maybe a 2 layer? 4 gallons per 100

Punch- 8 gallons
Coffee- use dinner level coffee from the beverage page
Bottled Water- 2 per person, some left

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