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pasta buffet for 325
Hello I am doing a pasta buffet for 325 people. I have chosen three pastas rotini with sausage and peppers, a cheese filled tortellini , and a meat filled ravioli. Three sauces tomato, beef and a vodka. How much of each pasta should I allow per person? I am thinking 3-4 oz per pasta per person is this too much or too little and which one do you think will be more popular?
For 325 people, this is too many choices, it will slow the lines and you will need at least 6 serving lines! I STRONGLY recommend you sauce each pasta and do a meatless tomato, pesto, and a third, such as:

sausage and peppers, tomato or garlic; 1 pound sausage per 5, equal weight veggies, noodles per your recipe
a cheese filled tortellini with alfredo or pesto, 1 pound per 5
meat filled ravioli, vodka or tomato, 1 pound per 4

You need salad, rolls, probably a veg, and for sure appetizers with this size crowd.

If this is a paid gig, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest to support this site.

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