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Paella for 20
I am making Paelaa for a dinner party for 20. I am unable to invest in a paella pan, I want to use my chafing pan. It's thin like a paella pan,so I'm thinking it should be ok,I don't mind putting it on the burners of my stove. What do you think of this?
Also,how many cups of rice do I need(big eaters,no children)
One more question,since it's a birthday party,I guess I should have cake and ice cream,but with a toasted coconut cake,which is rich already,what kind of ice cream would you serve? or no ice cream?
You want at least 3 cups raw rice for each 6 people. Look at the paella recipe on this site. Your chafer is not big enough for 20, you need something the size of a turkey roaster pan. The blue graniteware type can be used on the stove top, with its own cover or a foil cover.

You can sub frozen mussels for the clams, they cook in about 5 minutes and are very inexpensive frozen.

For that cake, I would offer a vanilla bean and a dark chocolate (think, Mounds bars).

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