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60th birhday party
Lori mcniff
I am catering a party for a friend the menu is this and its for 90 people.. there will be 9 long tables and she want mango salsa and chips and veggie platter on each table. how much do i buy, on the table for dinner will be BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw, mini slider rolls, Chicken terriaki on sticks, so tenders i was going to by, a rice dish, and fruit skewers pineapple strawberries, and cantalope on them can you help me on how much i need of each the veggies will be broccoli carrots celery thanks if you can help that will be great the time of the party is 630 pm he gets there at 7 and food out at 730 but the veggies and salsa will be on tables
mango salsa 1 cup per 4
chips 1 pound per 12
veggie platter 20 pounds
dip 1 cup per 8 thin, or 1 cup per 6 thicker

BBQ pulled pork, plan on 2 per person, 1 pound ready to serve per 5
coleslaw, 2 gallons if for topping sandwiches, 3 for salad use
mini slider rolls, 2 per person
Chicken teriyaki on sticks, so tenders i was going to buy, 1 pound raw per 5
rice dish, 8 pounds dry

and fruit skewers pineapple strawberries, and cantaloupe- consider fruit tray instead, easier, keep better, and leftovers are more useful. See the fruit tray page.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support this site.

Lori mcniff
will do thank you so much
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