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Salsa and Chips for 150
Kelly Lowry
Hi - We're having a "salsa bar" during the cocktail hour of our wedding reception. Four of our friends and family will be each making a salsa to bring, and we'll be buying the chips fresh from a local restaurant. Can you help me figure out how much we need? I am assuming each of the guests could consume 1/3 cup of salsa a piece (2 of the salsas will be bean-heavy, so I think it'll be pretty easy to scarf a good amount of that quickly). Not at all sure about chip amount. We are actually having 165 guests, but 25 of those are kids (some very young), so I am doing my calculations based on 150 people.

Thank you!!

For serious salsa eating, I suggest 1 pound chips per 10 people, and would probably count all but the smallest kids.

For the 4 dips, 1 cup per 6 of each thin one and 1 cup per 5 of each thick one.

Wouldn't hurt to have a few bottles of hot sauce on the serving table, maybe several bowls of sliced jalapenos.

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