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Chicken Alfredo for 200
For a church lunch in a couple of weeks I am going to make Chicken Alfredo over pasta, a Caesar Salad and some dinner rolls. I am going to use your recipe - Alfredo sauce for 50 and top with some diced baked chicken and I plan on making the sauce and pasta the day before. I was going to boil the pasta, drain and put in an aluminum pan with some drizzled olive oil, make the sauce, cool and refrigerate it over night. The next day I was reheat the sauce, spread the cooked chicken over the pasta and pour the warm sauce over the top. Stir it all together and bake in the oven for about 1 hour.
Does this sound like it will work and what kind of pasta do you recommend?
Yes, it will work, but look at the directions on how to make pasta ahead and chill. Also to fast-chill the sauce.
Bowties, radiattore, very nice; possibly penne. Just undercook a couple of minutes as it will cook further when baked.
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