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Hollywood theme party
Hi I'm trying to organize a 29 birthday party theme is Hollywood theme I will like to serve elegant classy food but I'm on a budget I have a 150 guest I need help like planning a appetizers menu I was just planning to serve appetizers if you could help me with inexpensive appetizers ideas thank you
If you are on a food budget, start the party at 8 PM, "a fashionable late hour", as people will eat dinner first and you will need about 1/3 less food.

For 150 people, including alcohol, you will be budgeting at least $10 per person for the refreshments.

To set the mood, think of it as a "red carpet" or "oscar" party, here are some sites for ideas and supplies:

You could pick a food theme from a particular movie or movies, which you could be showing from DVD in the "screening room".

Foods on toothpicks and on toast rounds or bruschetta
puff pastry bites- see the epicurious link below for home recipes
Mini quiche
roll ups/ pinwheels
chicken skewers
cheese logs and spreads
Parmesan spinach cheese bites, see recipe:

For generalk discussion on amounts:

sparkling wine- Freixnet brut is a good quality inexpensive choice.

maybe a chocolate fountain or chocolate dip strawberries


Cupcakes that spell out Hollywood?

You might find links and ideas here:

When you settle on a menu, time, party length, write back describing the kitchen you will be using (stoves, fridges, etc) and I will help.

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