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Cook Talk

This is our menus without the appetizers , can you tell me how much for 200 guests.
Pork loin
Grilled 6oz chicken breast
Mashed potatoes
Green beans
Baked BBQ beans
4oz rolls
Pasta salad
200 people takes 3-4 people in the kitchen day of plus about 12 people to set up, serve and clean up. Not members of the wedding party, as the work must be done while the service is proceeding. You need 3 serving lines, or 2 double sided lines, for this many people.

Pork loin- about 85 pounds raw boneless.
Grilled 6oz chicken breast- suggest you use 4 ounce portion, as many people will take some of each meat and there is a lot of waste with 6 ounce portions, 1 per person.
Mashed potatoes- 70 pounds potatoes, 4 gallons gravy
Green beans- 45 pounds ready to cook
Baked BBQ beans- 6 gallons
4oz rolls- These are quite large. 1 per person plus 10%. 6 pounds butter
Pasta salad- start with 12 pounds dry pasta. Many recipes on site. Make meatless- you don't have any entree for any vegetarian guests, and with 200, there will be some.

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