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Tivoli cookware -vs- All Clad cookware

I have seen the Tivoli cookware in our local Marshalls store. I can not find any information on this set of cookware by searching the web. All Clad is by far the best out there, but I was wondering if anyone has purchased the Tivoli cookware and could share your opinion. I have a ceramic glass cook top.
Please help! I am in the market to buy new cookware and want the best value.

I am not familiar with Tivoli, but I DO suggest you go to an outlet mall (or EBay) and purchase your pieces one at a time, selecting the sizes you use most often. I have 2 12" saute pans and 2 3 quart saucepans, for example. At outlet, it will not cost more than a set. And do let Santa know exactly what you want.
You want t o have perfectly flat bottoms thyat are as close as possible to the size of your burners for these glass top ranges.
I bought 3 sizes of pan 8, 9.5 and 11 inch from Ross and I really like them. I had Calphalon before that and prefer the Tivoli. The non-stick has held up much better with use and cleaning. One thing, The handles do get a little warm. So watch out if you buy them. I paid 10, 13 and 16.99 for these pans and at that price I feel I got a very good deal. Happy cooking!

Thanks for the help!
I have a whole big set of the Tivoli non- stick and porcelain cookware and LOVE them I do agree that the handles get warm but I got a set of the cast iron handle covers and used them on the Tivoli handles. It works great.
I have purchased copper bottom tivoli cookware from marshall's and we do extensive cooking and love these pan's. we can not find any info on these pans either. they seem like a good quality pan but would like to find more info to buy more for the set.

Thanks for the input. I love the piece of Tivoli cookware I have, but can't seem to find any place that sells it or info in the web.
I have 2 Pans and I have used them for over 10 years and think they are great. I would like to know where I can buy them-I can't seem to find anyone who sells them. Mine are marked "Tivoli Pro".
I have a Tivoli pro omelette pan. I love it 'cos it's heavy, non-stick & 'cos of the metal handle can also be used in the oven. I bought mine @ T K Maxx & would love a larger one.
I purchased a Tivoli Pro 14" non-stick frypan at Home Goods for $20. Just finished making a six-person paella dinner with a perfect carmelized rice bottom. If they have another one in stock, it's bought. For the price, it's a steal.
kate spelman
I found a 10" Tivoli Pro fry pan at Marshalls for 14.99 - the pan has a 10 year warranty and the one I got is aluminum and is clad up the sides - very heavy gauge aluminum. I noticed the non-stick surface is very different (seems much better) than the usual "buy it for a song" pans...Wouldn't try anything like metal on it but the coating is very thick. I found out quite a bit about the company by using a Google search - it is a company from Denmark that has a good reputation. Marshalls has these pans in various sizes almost all of the time and has some of the sauce pans as well. Handle is one of those "cool - handle" covers but comes off and I am replacing it with a REAL cool handle...For 14.99 a real deal. (and I have all-clad , calphalon and le creuset in my kitchen...and 2 LOVELY copper pans (ahhhh). bon marche - kate
Just J
I just bought a set Aubecq dose any body know anything about them. They seem to be of good quality and look great, but don't have any info. on them. I just bought them today and I am contemplating returning them for a set of Tivoli which I really don't know much about either. If anyone has knows anything about these brands I would appreciate your input!
I just bought aubecq sauce pans and love them! I bought them at TJ Maxx but would like to find more Aubecq, but I can't find any information on Aubecq. Where did you purchase yours? Thanks
I purchased a Tivoli from TJ MAXX and i love it!! Easy to clean. I just order an entire Tivoli cooking set from Shot At Home TV. A 22 piece set for $99. They come in colors yellow, green, or red! Hope this helps and chect out and type in tivoli.
Just wanted to let everyone know that i received my Tivoli cookware this weekend and it is great! The color and quality are beyond words, I love it. Again go to the shop at home channel or online to order, they many of Tivoli's cookware pieces.
Aubecq is a French stainless steel pan that is layered stainless steel with tempered glass lids. It is a good pot, but not easy to find in the USA>
Ha! Funny... I was looking for info on Tivoli after buying a Tivoli Pro 12" Teflon fry pan. It looks great for the price, but I bought it on impulse and thought I'd look it up before I took the sticker off. I googled a variety of keywords, and was unable to find anything on the manufacturer. There's just nothing out there. No contact information on the pan itself or the sticker either. Oh, well it's only 20 bucks, I'll give it a try. People seem to like them from the reviews I found.
Susan L Manuel
I have a Tivoli skillet that I love, and have been looking for more of their cookware without luck. My skillet is stainless steel with a copper bottom; it's marked "INOX BOND Gourmet Quality." I bought this skillet at TJ Maxx. It was a great deal. Could it be that the Tivoli brand is manufactured for sale only at discount outlets and shop-at-home sites? Maybe it's made by some other major manufacturer for that purpose. I'm just guessing, but would really like to figure out what seems to be something of a mystery in the world of cookware.
Yjere is a loy of Tivoli on sale online- check the google searcg for Tiboli plus pots, pans
Seems like everyone has seen Tivoli pieces at Marshalls...but no sets! I just saw it today and realy liked the look and feel of it. I need new cookware for my new ceramic stovetop so it has to be the flat bottom. I love the looks of the Calphalon Contemporary but the bottom is not flat. Does anyone know anything about Kitchenaid or Wolfgang Puck sets. Too many choices out there!! Any input would be appreciated!
I too, along with many others it seems, purchased some Tivoli cookware (open stock) at our local TJ Maxx. I too decided to do some research before I took the tags is what I found, and not easily: Tivoli is a subsidiary of PT Maspion of Indonesia. Their wedsite is: They showed their current stock of Tivoli cookware, which is not the same as what I just bought, so I have no idea where to get more pieces of the "Comfort Grips" line which is what I did get. Anyway, I think I am going to take my chances and keep the nearly complete set I did get because I like the handles and the weight of each piece. I was determined to get "the best" in stainless cookware and looked at All-Clad at Williams and Sonoma, but I did not care for the feel of the handle at all. It seems that many people like the way the pieces handle on the stove, so I look forward to testing mine out. Anyway, it's safer/more healthy than using Teflon. Happy Cooking :)
Good sleuthing!
(Same Lisa as above)...Just wanted to share with you all that I did decide to keep my Tivoli cookware. I was able to find the last piece I needed in the set (after shopping at every TJMaxx/Marshall's in the Rochester, NY area!!) and I am thrilled. I love them. They work beautifully. I am new to stainless cookware and was a bit nervous, but these saucepans have made the transition smooth! I was not able to find Tivoli frying pans; however, so I purchased Anolon, and I am very happy with them as well. The only "caution" I would offer is that the bottoms of the Anolon scratch very easily as I learned when I cleaned the inside while setting the pan on my porcelain sink drain. Now, I use a kitchen cloth underneath. No problem at all with the Tivoli. Also, I think these pans must be indestructable b/c my daughter dropped one on the floor, and although it put a chip in my floor tile, the pan is fine! If you can find these pans, don't hesitate to get them. Enjoy!
I purchased an Aubecq non-stick skillet (TJ Maxx) a couple of months ago and it is great! It seems to hold heat much better than any skillet I have ever had. Also, the non-stick surface seems to be a high quality. I have also looked at the Tivoli. Thanks, Lisa, for the info on the company. I think after reading these reviews that I'll buy that Tivoli soup pan that I've been eyeing. I plan to buy more Aubecq if I can find it.
Kuhn Rikon vs Aubecq vs All-Clad
Does anyone knows anything about
Kuhn Rikon Duroply stainless steel cookware?
How is it comparing to All-Clad?
How is it comparying to Aubecq?
How is it comparing to Calphahon Contempory stainless steel.
Can someone tell me where to find an inox bond tivoli glass 10" fry pan lid?
Thank you!
Cookie - Just looked at Aubecq, Kuhn Rikon, All-Clad, Tivoli today at TJ Maxx. Bought, now researching at home. Kuhn Rikon is Swiss-made, known for their pressure cookers; their pots/pans seem to normally cost $200 + up; go to to read about their Duroply. they have 70 years in-business and a lifetime warranty. All-Clad, which I was willing to splurge on (at half-price of course), was a disappointment to me in how it handled - the handle and rims are difficult. Passed on it for Aubecq + Kuhn Rikon. Calphalon I will always pass on after spending $200 on their non-stick - 10 year warranty and those baby'd pans were retired within a year. You can find plenty on Aubecq online if you can read French! But the quality to me seems top-notch.

Larry - seems TJ Maxx and Marshalls is where you can find Tivoli.

Alice Price
My Tivoli deep pot is the best I have ever had!
It distributes heat fast and evenly---one of the best wedding gifts I received! I am now checking TJ Max regularly for their products!
I love it!
I bought a multi-piece set of Tivoli cookware several months ago and absolutely love it. I, too, have a glass range top, so I needed some cookware that would treat it with kid gloves. I find that the cookware performs very well, looks great and, believe it or not, has actually made cooking a bit more fun.
I just bought a Tivoli grill pan today at Marshalls. Does anyone know if these pans are oven safe? I'm assuming they are (without the rubber cool handle cover, of course.)
Ted Smith
I am a self-confessed kitchenware fanatic. I have pieces from All-Clad, Calphalon, Anolon, Kirkland (Costco), and some ancient Farberware.

I also recently picked up two frypans from Aubecq.

The top three manufacturers in my view are Kirkland, All-Clad and Aubecq. I am especially impressed by the Aubecq product...perhaps the most evenly heating frypan I have ever owned. I believe Kirkland is easily on par with All-Clad at a fraction of the price.

I have a tivoli frying pan I too bought at Marshall's. I love it. One of the best I ever had. I'd love to find more pieces.
i just purcashed aubeca pots at marshalls and was happy to find positive comments on this site.
Ines M Brackney-Jone
I bought a pot w/lid manufactured by Aubecq. It is STAINLESS STEEL and I LOVE IT! The cost was less than $30.00 in an outlet and it was the ONLY ONE AVAILABLE. I cleans well inside and ouside and the food is OUTSTANDING in flavor, texture and looks. Please let me know where I can buy more.
If you live in or can make the trip, Homesense in Canada appears to carry the entire Aubecq line. I haven't purchased yet, as I am curious as to how non-stick the line is....if you have the Aubecq frying pans, please let me know.
Does anybody know if the Tivoli Cookware is Tefon coated or if they are enamel? Just looking into buying a set but I don't really like Teflon.
The Aubecq non stick frying pans are FABULOUS. Purchased some at TJ Maxx several months ago and they have rapidly become our favorite pans. Recently picked up a few of the covered pots at Marshalls but have not used them yet.
Thanks for all these comments about cookware...just returned from TJ Maxx looking at all the different brands they have: Tivoli, All Clad, Calphalon, etc. They also have Chantal, which I liked because of the brushed finish and the glass lids. Didn't buy it yet, couldn't decide between it and Tivoli. Any comments? Thanks.
Thanks Ellen for providing this venue to get and give good information! I was fortunate enough to find 14 pieces of the copper bottom Inox Bond Tivoli cookware (lids included in count) at my local TJ Maxx which gave me a complete set. I had longed for the Calphalon stainless or similar cookware for several years but couldn't bring myself to pay the prices. Now, my beautiful glass lidded set of Tivoli cost less than half the price of Calpholon, and I got the pieces I actually wanted. (This was after 25 years of living with my wedding gift set of Revere Ware.) I LOVE TIVOLI! Now I am hoping to find a double boiler insert of like quality that will fit one of the larger sized pots. The only drawback to the cookware is that sizes are not marked on the pans. I would consider a double boiler with two or three ridges (universal type). Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
I just purchased an Aubecq (Cyril Lignac line) sauté pan today at TJ Maxx. Once I use it for awhile I'll report back. Formerly I have bought a lot of Tramontina (Brazil) at TJ, and have been pleased with it. But TJ appears to not have much Tramontina these days, save for steak knives.
Lea Ann
For any one shopping for Tivoli or Aubecq, I just bought several of these at Homegoods (TJ Maxx) yesterday. I bought the Tivoli with the comfort grip (after warm handle comments about the Tivoli Pro above) and the Aubecq. After looking closely at both sauce pots, I realized they are made by the same plant/manufacturer. With the exception of the comfort pads on the lids and the handles, these pots are exactly the same--same handle design, same pot shape, same lid design. They are both manufactured in Indonesia. The only difference is the bottom pot design. They even have the same beaded chain label holder.

Hopefully, these will last. I currently have Calphalon tri-ply that I purchased last year. I love them, but we're remodelling our kitchen and have decided to install a induction cooktop. The Calphalon is will not attact a magnet and therefore will not work with the cooktop. All of the brands mentioned--Aubecq, Tivoli, and Tramontina (in stainless steel) all have bottoms that a magnet will stick to and are suitable for induction cooking. I had looked at the All-Clad, but that price......!

I will be interested to hear how the induction top works for you-
Thanks for providing all this info! After learning the side effects of Teflon, we decided we should buy new cookware and get rid of our nonstick Calphalon. I was looking at All-Clad, but it's so darn heavy and the handles are so uncomfortable. I can't imagine carrying one of those pots full of water. Anyway, came across the Tivoli, Aubecq and Daniel Boulud brands in Marshalls and they all appeared to be top quality and comfortable. I didn't want to buy any until I did some research. Does anyone know about Daniel Boulud (DBK)?? I think I'll need to hit all the Marshalls and TJ Maxx in the area to make a set of these lesser known brands!! Thanks again everyone!
Aubecq vs Cuisinart vs Calphalon Stainless Steel
Does anyone have the experiences of the above 3 brands? How would you rate them?
When comparing quality cookware, don't forget Emeril Lagasse's own line of cookware. I cannot speak for the non-stick, but I bought the 10 piece set of the stainless 3-ply (with copper) with tempered glass lids for $199, and I cannot begin to say how pleased I am with it. I also have All-Clad, Aubecq and Le Creuset pieces. Were it not for the Emeril name on the handles, you couldn't tell it apart from the All-Clad. Wonderful product and downright inexpensive when compared to All-Clad pricing.
This web page is a great resource! Like Lea Ann above, I just bought an induction cooktop and am now shopping for appropriate cookware (magnetic bottoms). After looking at hundreds of pots and pans, I fell in love with Tivoli; I love the feel of the pot in my hand and they look like great quality.

Yesterday, I spent the day traveling to all the TJMaxx and Marshalls within about 25 miles and was rewarded by finding five pots & lids, four with comfort grip. Does anyone know whether there are comfort grip skillets out there?

Also, can anyone out there give me feedback on the induction cooktops? How do you like them? Any problems? How do you handle using a grill pan or steamer or double boiler or griddle when there aren't magnetic ones available? Feel free to email me. Thanks!

while christmas shopping last year i blundered into an aubecq skillet for a good price and bought it. loved it. scrounged around for six months to find the rest of the set (three sauce pans and a stock pot) which i gave my wife for her anniversary. after all that she's reluctant to discard her revereware after 39 years of service. last year i bought her a diesel lawnmower for anniversary, not as high on the hog this year....
victoria mescha
I bought a tivoli comfort grip fry pan and I am so disappointed with it's performance. I cooked up some bratwurst and it stained the pan so badly that I had a hard time cleaning it. I tried again today to cook up some potatoes and the same thing happened, stained badly, also sticking to the pan. Does anyone know if I can return it? It was purchased at TJMaxx in Plainfield Il.
If you have the receipt and it has been less than 30 days, you may be able to get store credit or a refund- does not hurt to ask-
irene Sanderson
Home Sense, 15-1585 Kenaston Blvd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3P 2N3 - phone # 1-204-487-7512 has a small selection with a reasonably good range of sizes in AUBECQ stainless steel cookware. They were there as of today, Sept. 20/06. I seriously thought of buying them but chose TIVOL 'Gourmet" stainless steel with tempered glass lids which I found at one of the four Winners outlets in Winnipeg (2305 McPhillips St., Winnipeg,Canada, R2V 3E1 - phone # 1-204-334-4834) They had ample stock in the Tivoli line to assemble an adequate set. The other Winners outlets did no have any in stock. I love the quality of both Aubecq and Tivoli.

Like eveyone else, I have been unable to get much information about Tivoli and appreciated the information provided by Lisa.

Good luck with your pot hunting.

Irene S.

While shopping at TJMAXX Mobile, AL. I found one pot, what size, I have no idea. I also found one saucepan while shopping in Meridian, MS.,both were the Tivoli Inox Bond comfort grips. I fell inlove with these pots and I've searched everywhere for them, can't find anymore. Would love to have all of them. Thanks for all of the info, and I'm glad to see that someone else enjoys them as much as I do. I thought I was loosing it over a pan for a minute.

Keep Searching...I'LL Let You Know IF I Find Out More.


I also bought Tivoli Pro at TJ Maxx, but have been having some trouble with it. I have several of their nonstick saute pans, which work great, but the rivet covers are "popping off" the rivet. A couple times when heating one up, we heard a very loud bang from one of these rivet covers. I'm afraid someone will get hurt if they come off all the way.


Susan Solomon
I was visiting my daughter in Boston and used her Tivoli Pro 12" frying pan to make a family candy recipe. This is a tough recipe, and this pan worked the best of any pan I've ever used. In looking for it back home, I find that it is made by Maspion Company in Indonesia, and is distributed here in the US through Boston. Aubecq is their top grade cookware. Maspion is dependent on this Boston office to order and stock the T J Maxx, and HomeGoods stores. For this reason stocking is rather capricious, and Maspion never knows what stores will have any given cookware. Maspion, by the way, is owned by an Indian family who immigrated to Indonesia 20 or so years ago, and has built up the company into what it is today. It seems to me the Pro Tivoli pan, at least, is as good as some much more expensive pans. According to the company rep for Maspion, Aubecq is even better, with a special layer of aluminum that distributes heat as well as All Clad and other expensive brands. As far as handles, I had no problem with the metal handle, and realized later, as someone else said, you could use it in the oven because it is metal. The rivets sound like a problem, and i'm going to ask more about their safety. Susan
Does anyone have any opinion on MWF cookware? (a German or a Swiss brand?) i'm in the procees of getting new pots for my - soon to arrive - induction cooktop. I found at homegoods Aubecq and WMF pots in several sizes. trying to decide which set to keep (my friend will take the other...)- was glad to see a lot of feedback on Aubecq but nothing WMF ---- anyone? thanks so much!
Does anyone have any experience with MWF cookware? (a German or a Swiss brand?) i'm in the procees of getting new pots for my - soon to arrive - induction cooktop. I found at homegoods Aubecq and WMF pots in several sizes. trying to decide which set to keep. was glad to see here all the feedback on Aubecq but nothing WMF ---- anyone? thanks so much!
I just purchased TIVOLI COMFORT gRIPS pots and I was afraid to use them because I had no info. Everything I have read sounds GREAT and I am trying them out today. TJ Maxx in Houston has a great supply.
Pam Bailey
I just purhcased Tivoli fry pan and it works wonderfully. I was upgrading from non stic to stainless, and I was looking at Cuisinarte because I had heard really good things about it, but when I saw the Tivoli, in comparison, it looked much better in terms of ruggedness. I'm really enjoying the comfort handles, which supposedly can go into an oven-up to 400 degrees. I'm impressed.
I also puchased a set of Aubecq cookware at TJMax and find it amazing to cook with and clean. But I dropped a lid and it broke into tiny squares--Not slivers--which is a good thing. Now want to replace it. Does anyone know how I can order a new 6.5-in lid?
Can any one tell me which of these pots you are speaking about is not made with aluminum?
Tivoli is stainless with an aluminum core for better heating, all clad and caphalon also make this type, along with anodized aluminum.
Ty for such a quick reply, my research tells me that if the cookware is anodized it is safer , the food does not come in contact with the aluminum and how can you tell if the cookware is anodized if it doesnt say it.
If it is anodized it will say so- this is an expensive process, and the manufacturers use it as a selling point. Anodized also does not wear and pit as easily as regular aluminum.
I bought a tivoli 10" frying pan black inside and gray outside is the black inside teflon, I believe someone in here discotinued her teflon pots, however, the EPA says there is nothing wrong with teflon.
I finally found a tivoli reseller online. A 20 piece set can be purchased at

These sets come in a variety of colors and since I got tired of looking for all the pieces at different stores I finally just purchased the set. Happy shopping!

aubecq All Clad cookware
i recently bought a small sauce pot, have used for about 4 months, out of nowhere the little 5 1/2" lid just shattered. I need to know how to replace it, can someone give me an e-mail address to do a return? thanks
cheri, hese folks are hard to reach- read on up the thread- if the top was ever dropped, this is usually caused by a delayed reaction to the impact. I admire that they use tempered glass which breaks into little squares instead of sharp shards like Visionware.
I also am looking for a set of Tivoli cookware. I got a couple saucepans at TJMaxx also and love the weight and feel of them. Are the references to Marshalls for the department store (Chicago) or are they referring to the discount store? Thanks for any info.
The discount store. Good luck.
Aubecq saucepans- dishwasher safe
Those of you who own aubecq or know of the line, are the saucepans dishwasher safe???
It does not say on the information card attached to the pan.
Any thoughts or if anyone has run the saucepan thru the dishwasher- your reply would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you
My mother brought some chicken soup over for me because I was sick and when I washed the Tovoli pot, I was impressed by how easy it was to clean. I decided to find some info about it because I have been using it and do not plan to return it until I find one for myself. Now that I have read all the great reviews, I will definately look into buying a whole set. Thanks for making easier to find this product.
About the dishwasher. Yes it can be done, but in my experience it tends to slightly reduce the effectiveness of the non-stick coat over time. The strong diashwasher detergent is the likely culprit.
After searching Marshall's (discount store) today for a large nonstick fry pan of good quality that didn't weigh a ton and didn't cost a fortune, I selected the lone Tivoli Pro in stock. It is 12" in diameter, with a 9 1/2" cooking surface. It came with only the Marshall's glue-on price label, so I am unsure of its composition.
The interior is black, the exterior is brushed black metal, and the handle is black and apparently made of some kind of hardened plastic. (It has only one handle, does not have the second "helper" handle typical of some large fry pans.) Its sides are sloped like an omelette pan, not straight up. Cost: $19.99.
I'm hoping the pan is steel with an aluminum core or ply, at least on the bottom of the pan. Can someone who has purchased the Pro version with more information that I got with mine clue me in?
Re: Non-stick pans. My medical doctor (a Board Certified Internist) told me NOT to use non-stick. I was still reluctant until I met a woman at a workshop who said the MD's at the medical school where she works gave a talk on non-stick pans. After hearing it, she got rid of all her non-stick pans. (Do you really trust the EPA? You know, of course, that the fumes from non-stick can kill birds!)
BTW, I was looking for information on Tivoli which I purchased today at Ross. Years ago I had a ceramic coated skillet and LOVED. I have been looking for ceramic ever since. Thanks for all the information about Tivoli.
mike lee
Please pay attention to Aubecq pressure cooker,ACTIVA.The opening and closing are unique,different from all the other pressure cookers.It's French website is
I'am sitting here watching Wolfgang Puck sell his cookware, and he mention the very bottom is aluminium, but is the inside bottom S/S?
Can anyone recommend good cooky sheets and pizza pans.
Stephen, this is similar to several other pans. The idea is, heat distribution from the aluminum, non-reactive surface from the stainless. You can do better on price than WP.

Cookie sheets- any old thing with a silicon liner. Except for biscotti, where the airbakes help. Pizza- a tile and a paddle for the best crust.

I purchaed a Calphalon 13x16 nonstick roaster & rack, model G6917HCP,is this a good pan I payed 69.99


wolfgang puck
I bought a large set of wolfgang puck cookware a couple of years ago and have added to it. I think it is wonderful for the price. I got it from HSN but I have seen it at Sam's Club since. I am considering an induction cooktop and will have to replace my wonderful pieces with something much more expensive if I do that. Since I am currently cooking on a 35 year old Panasonic solid burner electic cooktop that takes ten minutes to heat up and 20 minutes to cool down, I suspect that any decent cooktop will seem like a great leap forward so perhaps I will forgo the induction and the cookware problems that will result. I'd love to hear from people who have them.
I purschased two TIVOLI pots at Home Goods. They are very well made. One is a heavy gauge 18/10 stainless steel. Paid $30 for each.

Likewise,there is no information to be found on this company which I think is odd for such a good quality of pots and pans. Seeking information on this company if anyone is able to obtain please post..

see the note from a reader on this thread 10-6-06
MasterChef Sall
Let me answer for you , all about cookware.
Auberq was a an old french village known for their pots and pans. Recently an indonesia bought the plant in France and shiped the machinery to indoneia and manufactured the auberq line there. But production is now halted as the french expertise ran out of contract. The tivoli branch of the company continues.

The auberq line is extremely well made, I used it in my personal kitchen.

If you want a true made in france line that is affordable, try SITRAM. I used Mauviel and All clad but my very favourite is still good ol Le Creuset. They are easiest to clean and cooks beutifully.

Tivoli cookware
I just bought 2 pieces of Tivoli from Home Goods at $30 each for glass covered pots w/closed handles on each side. "inox bond," gourmet quality, and stainless steel is stamped under the pot. It only has a mfr.'s information tag on the handle, that states that they can be put in the oven, as well as on the stovetop. Has anyone cooked both ways with these products, and is it safe and effective? Can the lids be put in the oven, as well? Is there a chance of them buckling?
The pans are fine in the oven. I have not used the lids in the oven.
Janet L Smith
I started out with wanting All Clad. My husband bought me a few pieces for Christmas one year but really complained about the price. I watched for it on clearance and bought a few more. They are good pans but heavy to work with. The more I used them (the bigger pots anyway) it is hard to carry a pot with water in it, from the sink to the stove.
I have a couple of bigger sauce pans with the single long handle and I can not fill them with water or a liquid for cooking pasta and carry by the handle... I am aging and 10 to 15 years from now these pans will be too heavy for me to use I am afraid. Maybe sooner... When you spend this kind of money, you expect to use them for many years...for me I think the rest of my life in the last year I have seen Tivoli pans at Home Goods. I bought a stock pot/Pasta pot. I love it. It cooks great, cleans great and is not so heavy when full of water. It has become my new favorite pot. Chili, Spagetti sauce, soup, etc...I used the Tivoli pot every time. I check Home Goods regular. Just bought a small sauce pan (for my Morning Oatmeal) and a medium sause pan. I am going back for another small oatmeal pan if they still have it and they had two other small to medium sauce pans that will work great for our house with just my Husband and I there now... I will need to replace a couple of Frying pans and I will watch for Tivoli for them to. I have one 10 inch All Clad that has the black finish. I think it's the Ion finish...I am betting I can buy three of the Tivoli brand for what my husband paid for the one 10 inch All Clad.
I too have been looking for more Tivoli pieces. I only have one sauce pan that I bought from Marshall's and can't seem to find any other pieces. My huband also likes the comfort grip handle so mucth that is he has joine me in the search.
I bought that same 22 pc. set as Felicia from the shopathome network and I can't find any information on them. They came with nothing to tell me if the pans and covers can go in the oven. I also have a glass stove top. Can someone please give me some information on this cookware. I've had it for quite awhile and haven't used it yet.
um, question if no one minds
I am so glad I found this site! I am about to get married and am looking for my first set of pots and pans. In all honesty I really don't know all that much about what to look for other than copper. (I think.) I found a pot that I think might be good at Marshalls and wanted to know more about it. But the only information on the pot was stamped on the bottom. It simply says: "DENMARK Tools for Cooks 18/10 Stainless Steel 8QT Stockpot" It has a metal lid and very square shaped handles. The bottom is very heavy and it at least lined with a good bit of copper. Does anyone have any idea what I have or some good general rules for pot and pan shopping? I feel pretty clueless and would much apreciate any help anyone would like to give. (I've already made a note to look at Tivoli and Le Creuset!) Thanks
When selecting new pots, ask yourself some questions?

What kind of cooking do you like to do? Do you need for the pans to go from stove top to oven, for example? How about nonstick? I cook more now that it is not so hard to clean the pots, but you need good quality, and it needs not to be burned/ overheated.

I too have been scouring the web for any useful info on Aubecq. I too saw them at the Home Sense store here in Winnipeg and they seem to be carrying three full lines: The all stainless, the champaign non-stick (looks sweet if you're into non-stick) and some other stainless line with easy grip handles I didn't pay much attention to. Although I managed to find some photos of Aubecq pots and pans on French sites, none of them look at all like the ones I saw at Home Sense. This made me suspicious that these are knock offs or forgeries, but having read this thread it seems they're just an older brand no longer in production.

At Home Sense each pot and pan has a little tag explaining the benefits of their design. I'll have to take a closer look now to see where they are made and by who. I was considering buying the entire stainless series for about $225 CDN, but thought I'd do some research first. It seems that these are no longer made, which probably means I'm SOL in terms of warranty. However, considering the high quality look and feel (not to mention aesthetics), plus some of the rave reviews on this thread, it seems like they're worth the risk.

Anyway, if anyone has more news about Aubecq, I'd love to hear it.

I just purchased a few pieces of the Aubecq cookware at TJ Max and I love it. However, I cant find the other pieces I would like and I have been researching on the net for a few days and no one sells it. Does anyone know where I can purchase this besides TJmax
I just bought some aubecq pans today at homesense in ontario canada and was hesitant due to to the lack of information on them. But for those who want aubecq, you can find them in canadian stores such as homesense and winners i bought a 10 piece set (lids and pots) for 200 dollars CDN. I haven't used them yet but after reading this blog, looks like i will keep the purchase, however it does suck that they are no longer being manufactured. I will check out the website and decipher the french.
Josh Holderness
I also purchased the Aubecq cookware at TJ MAXX and have found it to be as good as the All Clad...BUT!!! I put the lid in the dishwasher and it shattered! Where can I find a new one??
Tivoli cookware -vs- All Clad cookware at Discount
Buying cookware at discounters (ie Marshall's)may not be all it seems. Recently, I purchased a couple of Kuhn Rikon saute pans at Marshall's. Not familiar with the brand, I looked up their website. Their products didn't resemble my purchase, so I wrote the company. Here's their reply:
"Thank you for your inquiry. This was a special purchase cookware line and is only available for a select group of retailers such as Marshalls and TJ Maxx. It is, however, Kuhn Rikon cookware, although you will not find it on our website because it is not in our open inventory. The cookware is 18/10 stainless steel and manufactured in China (not Switzerland , as our other cookware and pressure cookers are)."
My conclusion: The name-brand product you buy at the discounter may not be the same product you would have purchased elsewhere. Caveat emptor!
Does anyone have thoughts on using the Aubecq cookware on an induction cooktop? The sides do not attract a magnet, only the bottom.
Calphalon.. I love it! have been using it for years.. stainless, non stick and Anodized.
ANYONE getting rid of Calphalon ONE stock.. or Allclad.. hit me up.. and I will buy it! (That means you Ms. Smith! :)
Got a few pieces recently (and luckily) at a GREAT price at TJMax... but could use more. (only $50 for a $185 4.5Qt infused anodized pot)
Also picked up a Aubecq, 1.5qt stainless pot (didn't feel like paying $120 for a copairable Calphalon pot.. even though it would match my set), and it's awesome.. hope the lid doesn't explode and the rivets pop???
Oh well.. it was only $20... a lot less then then Calphalon
Have not done induction- any readers?
I have the Aubecq! They have tons of the stuff at Homesense here in B.C. Canada. I loved the little non-stick 8" frypan so much I went back and bought a 12" with glass lid, as well as a couple of pots. They are incredibly even-heating. My little one makes a perfect omelette. At Homesense, they are very well priced.
I bought a Tivoli pot with a glass lid and was happy until today, when I was boiling water with the lid on and after it had been boiling a minute or two and I went over to the stove, the glass lid shattered. I was so upset. My 6 year old son had just walked past me just as it happened. Thank god, that it collaspsed into the pot. I bought it at Marshalls and Iam going to return it. But I was looking all over the internet for Tivoli and there are no links to them. Now I know why. DO NOT BUY TIVOLI COOKWARE.
Found Aubecq at Homegoods. Love it!! Easy to clean and cooks evenly. Bummer they don't manufacture it anymore. After reading the blog I am concerned about the lids!
ana ariza-paulino
I wonder if anyone can help me. I bought a set of calphalon several years ago (lifetime guaranteed), the inside bottom of the pans is colorless. I am afraid that this might affect my family's health. Is there an address or any contact info where I can return them? Please help.
I'm debating between the Aubecq pots and the Tivoli pots. My mother in law warned me that the enamel Tivol pots will probably chip easy and the outside is hard to clean. They are lime green so I want them to stay that nice color, also is the enamel easy to clean? The Aubecq pots are nice too, but they are a completely different design. I think it's teflon interior (can anyone let me know if it is, and does it stand up well to normal wear and tear ...using the proper tools of course) and they have the grey brushed steel exterior. They are a very nice looking pot as well. I've read the entire site and it seems that it's a tie between the two so I guess I just need to know enamel v.s. stainless and the reasons why.

It would be a lot of help for me! thanks.

I am a big believer in not buying sets- I bought Tivoli for ny stock and stew pota (the yellow looks great in my new kitchen) and stainless for my frying pans, as they need more scrobbing on the outsides. A few readers have commented that the aubecq without teflon holds up better than the aubecq with teflon.
I love TIVOLI- bought them at Ross. The pans have a heavy base and heat quickly and evenly. I was realy impressed. So I have gone ahead and bought 2 smaller pans with lids and 2 big ones as well. They are a nice green outside with white enamel inside. Personally, I love their asthetics and they are easy to clean as well. Just soak them in water and scrub gently to remove any stuff. My earlier pots are yellow and they look good in my kitchen too. I like these better than the black insides of non-sticks because the white enamel inside shows off the colors of your dishes well and also gives a good indication of the amount of browing that's happened.
Tivoli cookware has a Tivoli set on sale today!!!
Todays special value at HSN shopping is a 21 piece set from Tivoli for $99.99!!!! good luck!
I currently have the 'wolfgang puck (poop) that I purchased fro HSn 5 years ago and they are starting to 'RUST" wear the pivots hold the handles. I went to good ole Homegoods yesterday & found some Aubecq's. I purchased the stainless steel, tags about them attatched in a 4 qt/3qt. The seem very high quality & beautfifully made. Very steardy as well, I am hoping the are as great as these comments have been. I am SO happy I found this site too! I now own 2 Caphalons & 2 Aubecqs....& le Creuset tea kettle that I adore!!
Tivoli cookware -
Oh and another thing they had 2 yellow Tivoli pots in the Tj max her as well. They were very thin but attractive & in non stick? hmmmmmm
yes! I just bought my Tivoli cookware on HSN for $99.00, RED ones! can't wait to see it!
I just bought a Tivoli pan today at Ross because we just got a induction cooktop, and it was the only pan in our local Ross Dress For Less that had a tag that said it was induction suitable. Works very well on our cooktop. I noticed that the tag does say the lid is only good for 350 degrees F, so I will probably not be using it much because I don't cook with a thermometer and induction can heat things REALLY fast. So I would be very hesitant to use the lids unless you are sure the pan will not reach 350.
You can find it @ They have it and reviews. If anyone was interested.
Tivoli cookware
Between Ross and TJ Max I was able to purchase a 1,2,3,4 and 8qt Tovoli hard anodized cookware, with the comfort grip. These have silicone handles and are oven safe up to 350 degrees.
Melissa /N Carolina
After much research and comparison shopping, I opted to select my pieces from the Tivoli comfort grip line at the TJ MAX Homegoods store. There was an excellent selection with varying sizes. The line has quality construction yet it is light weight enough to easily handle. I have hopes for many years of use!
Vivian Schneider
I just purchased 3 cookware pieces from the Aubecq line from Homegoods & Marshalls. I really wasn't sure what I was getting since I had never heard of this product. However, after reading the reviews, I am thrilled with my purchase and can't wait to get started using it all!
Chris Flynn
I purchased the champagne colored Aubecq nonstick from a Home Goods several months ago, and I am very pleased with its performance compared to the All-Clad, Vollrath and Calphalon pans I have owned.

-The Aubecq's Induction cooktop performance is the best of any of my pans. The thin layer of magnetic stainless stamped into the aluminum is almost a best case scenario for induction cooking, and it generally heats food with the the speed of a microwave oven.

-The pebbled nonstick surface is more durable, and more capable of browning foods than its completely smooth counterparts (yet just as slippery). It does not, however, make sense to compare the durability of any nonstick pan to its stainless equivalent. NS coatings can all be damaged by overheating, metal utensils and dishwashing if you are not careful. I clean my NS pans with exclusively with soapy water and a paper towel. I find they last longer this way.

I too purchased my Tivoli cookware at Ross, but the best selection I've found so far is at They have both individual pieces and complete sets. Unfortunately neither of which contain the gorgeous buttercream color I bought at Ross so I can round out my set!
Michael White
Does anyone know where replacement lids for Tivoli can be found? Is it possible to use a generic lid of the same size? I am looking for a replacement lid for a 9-qt stock pot.
I interchange my Tivoli lids with others all the time- no problems.
I just bought an Aubecq saute pan, non stick at Home Goods. I heated water in it, and was pleased to find out that the handle stayed cool. I bought it b/c I figured that it must be quality as it was weighty and the handle was not screwed on. I have to exchange it as the Teflon label was coverin up a ding in the finish. My Analon has died after 10 years. The finish is a disaster!!! I didn't help the pans by using Pam which I will never use again in non stick. QUESTION-Is Teflon ok to cook in until the finish flakes? With all of the concern about non stick I'm confused as to whether the issue is Teflon vs hard anodized ro just the flaking issue.
Thank you!!!
Also, I saw the Aubecq for induction cooking. Is that safe to use on a gas range?
Aubecq- definitely yes.

Teflon- when a finish is flaking, it is time to retire the pan. It will last much better if never overheated or heated empty, and of course with wooden or plastic tools. The newer Teflon finishes are sturdier and a bit more heat resistant, but all the coatings are not as durable as straight metal, which is why the anodized aluminum finishes have caught on.

Due to all I've read about the toxicity of all non-stick interior surfaces in cookware, I've opted to go with white enamel interior cookware. I purchased Tivoli from, but the frying pans are coated with a non-stick surface. There are a few minor dings in the interior enamel of the sauce pans, so I'm returning the set.

I purchased an inexpensive enamel sauce pan some years ago and cannot find any of its kind except as "vintage" or "collectible" on sites like ebay.

Does anyone know where a plain white interior enamel sauce, frying, stock or other pan can be purchased?

Thank you.

i purchased a square tivoli pan with lid (about 12") a few years ago at HSN.

It's warped now but i LOVE it for grilled cheese,french toast, etc.

Any clues on where I can find another/?

Connie, Mary, Le Creuset makes them, but they are not cheap, look for an outlet mall and then talk to Santa.
Aubecq website
does anyone know the address for aubecq's website? i am missing a lid to one of my pots and am hoping to find a replacement. thanks!
I just bought an aubecq frypan at HomeGoods last night. Have never, I mean never, been able to find anything to work on my induction cook top until now. We bought our house 4 years ago (came with the induction cooktop), and I have been searching for more pots and pans ever since. I was so excited when I got home with the aubecq, tried it immediately on the cooktop, and it worked! Finally, a non-stick pan for my induction cooktop. I am beside myself with joy. I am going back today to try and buy up any remaining pieces, and based on your website, I will try a Tivoli as well. Good cooking to you all!
Want more aubecq
have one great pan and would love more. cant find it any where. bought it in home good store and live in va and it was in md. what is the deal.
I want to know more abt Tivoli cookware. I love the design, but would love to know where it is manufactured. Mine has a red glaze on it and I'm worried about lead if it is manufactured in China for example.
scare with aubecq
I just had a freak experience with my Aubecq frying pan. I was making a scrambled egg when there was a beyond loud pop in my right ear. At that moment I thought I might have lost my hearing in that ear. Then I thought maybe a light bulb exploded... Later tonight (ear is still painful) when I went to clean my pan I found the culprit. The covering of the grommet on the inside of the pan had popped off. Any way to contact the company? I'm sure it won't happen on the other grommet or my other pan, but it was really scary.
Thank you for the report. Did it blow into the pan while you were heating something? Did it damage the pan?
Well, I found it in the pan so I would say that it popped and landed inside of the pan. No real damage to me or the pan so I've continued to use. Just thought that maybe they would replace the pan as that's just not supposed to happen. I've never heard of it happening to anyone. Should I blame it on too high of a heat temp on a DCS range?
Nope, probably just a bad pan. There is not a sateside address I know of for the manufacturer, the store where you bought it might be willing to swap it out.
Whatever kind of cookware you use please be careful of the non-stick as it is toxic to birds and should never be used in a home with birds. Also if it's toxic to birds then what might it be doing to us? I won't ever use anything that's non-stick again.


I purchased a bunch of white enameled Tivoli steel cookware. Mainly thinking it might be a great induction cookware alternative, but I'd like to use it on my regular cooktop as well. I noticed it's different from Tivoli Pro which many people have talked positively about on this board. If anyone who actually owns the white enameled steel cookware by Tivoli, can give me their opinion and experience in using the cookware- pros cons,etc. , I'd really appreciate it. I also have some of their non stick pans. The kind that I have bought are the ones with the pretty colors- similar to the ones offered on HSN, but with a different handle. If you already posted a review, can you let me know that you were referring to the white enameled steel line? Or, Please let me know your experience on the performance of this specific line of Tivoli after all this time. I got them for xmas and have a few weeks before they are unreturnable. Thanks so much for your help.
I have the less expensive Tivoli which I use on my regular gas range, and it works fine.
On the bottom of the Tivoli stainless pans it says "inox bond." Does anyone know what that means?
This has come up before. It is the brand for Tivoli copper clad, which is a good quality cookware.
My Tivoli cleans up sooo easily with just soap and water, I wonder why anyone would consider putting any of them in the dishwasher. Thanks to every contributor on this site, lots of info on where to buy more Tivoli. Happy New Year!
Tivoli comfort grip hard anodized ... the label says never put hard anodized cookware in the dishwasher
Walter Davis
I am disabled and do a lot of cooking, so I starting purchasing several different kinds of cookware including, Cephalon, Kitchen Aid, Anolon, and Tivoli. Our Marshalls and Ross Stores here in town carry the Tivoli line when it is available. They are all good pieces of cookware but the Tivoli definetly distributes heat, holds heat, and cleans up much better than the others, and for some unknown reason it's priced cheaper as well. So, in my own opinion, the Tivoli Cookware gives more bang for the buck in every aspect.
martha hayward
Tramontina is made in China. SHould I worry about lead in the glazes?
That has not come up on cooking pots. If you decide to check it at home, let us know your results.
Tivoli cookware -vs- Tabletops Unlimited
Does anyone know anything about Tabletops Unlimited brand Porcelain cookware? Quality and durability? How does it compare to Tivoli?
Ellen, I forgot to email back to reply. Thanks so much for your response. My husband and I are big fans now and I'll post when we use it for induction!
I have a new, 21 piece set of Tivoli cookware for sale. It is still in factory sealed box. It is the blue color. You can email me at
Ev, we had a scammer cheat a reader on a sale, so now I recommend that if a reader is interested, they arrange with the seller to post the item on EBay on a buy-it-now. This provides some protection for both buyer and seller.
Thanks Ellen. I do have it listed on Craigs List and will list it on ebay if a buyer is interested.
help! i'm new in the tivoli world. bought 3 pieces in home goods tonight and don't know about pro or non pro.also found a wonderful strainer. i love the mustard color, that is what caught my eye and reading this great website i'm glad i bought them where can i get more pieces? help? danni from nyc
Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls in our area each sometimes have it. I bought the mustard color too.
nothing on line? i went everywhere this morning and had no luck.what is ross? i even checked on canada web sites some one on your web page said something about the shopping channel but no luck. i'm not giving up on what i got already. i found a saute' pan and roaster pan and of course the strainer which i love.i would love to find a frying pan and big pot to make my italian family some pasta.... thank god for this website or else i would of thought i was going nuts. thanks for your help.
Apparently there are several 'styles' of Tivoli cookware, Tivoli and Tivoli Pro, annodized (both with and without comfort grip handles), Tivoli copper clad (inox bond) and colorful enamels. When somebody posts oven-safe to 350 or 400 degrees, I'm not sure if they are referring to Tivoli with (rubber) comfort grip handles or not, which is what I own and L-0-V-E and would like to know if they are oven-safe and to what temperature. I have NEVER seen a cookware that cleans up with just a soapy sponge! Why anybody would want to put Tivoli in the dishwasher is a mystery to me! If I could find a fry pan, I'd get rid of every other piece of cookware I own! Which includes the Calphalon I inherited from my parents, including one stock pot with almost no finish left on the inside bottom!
You can buy Tivoli on The Shopping Channel ( This is today's show stopper (March 18th), 21 piece set for Cdn. $99.96 plus shipping and applicable taxes. After today (March 18th) the price goes up to $139.99. Easy pay is available for March 18th.
I have researched this item further and found that upon further research the brand name owner is DANSK INTERNATIONAL DESIGNS, LTD.
I just purchased aubecq pans. I was doing research online and found your web-site. Has anybody had problems with cooking on a electric stovetop with these pans?
I have a small aubecq frying pan which I found at Homesense in Ontario a while back. I love it and have been trying to find more pieces but have not had any luck. Does anyone know where to get these pans in Ontario?
Cookware made in country of origin
I found Aubecq and another brand called Schulte-ufe pots at TJMaxx (Rochester,MN) and chose not to purchase until I'd done some homework. As I suspected (after reading all the comments here), Aubecq is not manufactured in France. Does anyone know about Schulte-ufe? Am I the only one who does not want to purchase things made in China or Indonesia? I have learned my lesson on Le Creuset.....if I can afford it, it isn't made in France! Since then I have purchased two pieces of Le Creuset on special (Macy's) and they were still serious money. I have also learned the lesson with English china...unless it actually says, "Made in England" (not just "England") then it's not made in England. Does anyone know how to tell the difference in, for example, the Aubecq pots. I really like them but I am not prepared to subsidize Indonesia.
Wow Janet! You are 'not prepared to subsidize Indonesia' ..??? What kind of exclusive, prejudicial, racist comment is that? I appreciate buying quality items too -- regardless of 'where' they are manufactured. After all, we are ALL just people, are we not? What a mean and nasty comment to post!

Anyways, just wanted to chime in on a big Wolfgang Puck set I got that was supposed to be high quality 18/10 stainless steel. It is horrible and it all starts to rust and does not live up to other high end pieces I own.

Sasha, no need to scold (my column, I get to do any necessary scolding). Janet may simply be unwilling to support countries whose ideologies are such a long way from individual human rights, ala the boycott of Communist country goods in the 50's and 60's.

Janet, the aubecq pots seem to have a very satisfactory quality. The Indonesian firm that purchased the aubecq name/process has a goos rep.

Thanks so much for your info. Sorry to have offended. Definitely not intended. As I am Australian I have lived very close to the human rights issues of both countries. I certainly did not intend to start a political discussion. I will leave it at that and thanks for clarifying the situation.
I've used All-Clad sauce and saute' pans since about 1978. They are excellent and seemingly indestructable. but, I too, recently, found some Tivoli Proware with Comfort Grips @ Marshall's, and was instantly smitten. I bought 3 sauce pans, a soup pan and a 10" saute' pan, all anodized. A few years ago, I bought 8" and 12" Tivoli teflon fry pans, with hollow handles, and had been looking for more of the brand ever since.
Thank you for this forum and for all the info on the mfgr. For my money, Tivoli Pro is superb. The first time I used the small sauce pan, I was heating water and it ran dry. Without thinking, I picked it up off the burner and took it to the sink before realizing that the grip was still cool. Love 'em.
I FOUND Tivoli pots and pans!!

I too got a nice lime green pot at Ross and loved it!!
After much searching I found a website that sells Tivoli..I just got the whole set!!!

Go for it!!
Its the Enamel on Steel Cookware..the handles are regular ones..not padded.I ran the set thro the dishwasher just to sanitize it before using.

The website is

Cost is $99
Enjoy and good luck.

The Villages, FL

This is a great blog. I found the comments very useful in making buying decisions for cookware brands. However, I am still in a quandry about the non-stick teflon vs. enamel/stainless/copper cookware. If I am hearing y'all correctly, sounds like the non-stick is only a danger if the pan is older and damaged. For example, The teflon wearing off and into the food while being cooked, correct?
I saw Aubecq at HomeGoods in San Carlos, CA today, and seems very high-quality. Still undecided on buying, however.
I just bought an Aubecq saucepan last night at Homegoods. I was so impressed by it, I've been searching today for more information. I paid $35 and am really happy with the quality. I'm hoping to find more.
Re: Aubecq Pans
So Eleen...great page!!! like many of your readers I too have an Aubecq fry pan that I totally love!!! I got it at Marshals. I passed up two others at the time because I usually try things first. But that was a big mistake. I want more of them in all sizes and haven't been able to fine them anywhere. I regularly visit both TJ Maxx and Marshals and so far nothing. Has anyone gotten them anywhere else. I am in the Chicago western suburbs...thanks all
Aubeq cookware
I just purchased an Aubeq frypan.It'sabsolutely the best pan I've ever used. I purchsed it at Marshalls and it was the only one there. Thank you all for letting me know it can be found elsewhere, at Home Goods and TJ Max. I hope I have more luck finding them than many of you.
P.S. I've tried so many frypans over the years but this is undoubtedly the best I've ever used.
Hard anodized non-stick aluminum pots and pans
Hi, are hard-anodized non-stick aluminum pots and pans suitable for induction hob cooking? In particular the kitchen-aid products?
Safety of Stainless Steel surface
Does anyone know if the surface of stainless steel pots remain safe for cooking after being exposed to high heat? I forgot about water boiling in a pot, the water evaporated and the pot's inner surface on the bottom drastically changed color and got blackish/rust-like blotches that cannot be removed by any scrubbing. The surface of the stainless steel is still smooth inside but the blotches seem to emanate from another layer and are of concern. I did the same thing with a stainless steel tea kettle and am afraid to use it again for boiling water for fear that the water may get contaminated from materials such as lead. Although these were of a decent brand (KitchenAid, Cuisinart),I am concerned about their safety after they got burned given the dubious nature of products made in China with regards to contaminants that are hazardous. Should I simply toss the items out?
TOTOINKS, Only pots which will attract a magnet will work on induction tops.

Dena, I personally don't use stainless if I cook it like that. There are special glass disks and marbles made to put in pots and kettles that clatter noisily when they burn dry. They might help you.

I found out that Tivoli,Aubecq, Maxim, Maspion, Logam Jawa, are all made by Indonesian Company MASPION dot com Look at all the products they make. Surprise Surprise !
Hey, hi again, I found 2 more Aubecq fry pans at TJ Maxx and More. I still love them no matter where they are made. I noticed their size is measured in cm instead of inches. I have seen 20cm, 24cm and 26cm, and I think I have 1 bigger than that. Does anyone know how many sizes there are in all???????
lorraine christl
I recently purchased several pieces of Tivoli cookware at Ross. The sauce pan is wonderful; but the second time I used the roaster, while heating on my gas stove with a small amount of olive oil, a large piece of the enamel popped off in the middle of the pan. I did not see any warning about stove top use of the roaster and now it is ruined. What should I do?
If it was a recent purchase, you can take the receipt and have it back to Ross, requesting a refund. You probably had the burner too high with not enough oil.
I had the same problem as Lorraine. The first time I used ours the bottom started popping off. It is red and small, I don't know what kind of pan though.
Aubecq vs All-Clad
I had an Aubecq 26cm pan I purchased about 4 months ago and absolutely loved it. We often make French Crepes and the pan cooked the most even breakfast we've had in years.

So, we decided All-Clad or Aubecq. After looking at the cost we went with Aubecq, knowing we could return them if we found they were crap.

After looking here and with the previous use we are going to stick with them for sure.

The 4 fry pans and 4 pots w/ glass lids ran us $400.00 Cdn.

We picked them up at HomeSense here in Vancouver British Columbia. They are also carried at Winners all over the mainland.

If you want'll need to come to Canada.

:) - or at least know someone that can hook you up and ship it out of the North.


M n R

I've got a couple of the Tivoli saucepans, and they do work well, but to quote my grandmother - you get what you pay for.

They're definitely not as well made as the Le Creuset - they're lighter and the enamel's not as well done.

I've got a bunch of Le Creuset (bought off ebay) that's really wonderful and can take a lot of abuse, and I'll recommend it over the Tivoli any day.

I don't think the Tivoli's bad, it's just cheap.

I recently bought a Tivoli chef's pan at HomeGoods, it cooks and cleans up really well, and the handles stay comparatively cool, but there was no info on the tag as to it being oven safe. Is there a Tivoli site I can maybe punch in the serial number at the bottom of the pan and get some information?
And could someone take the horrible Wolfgang Puck stuff off my hands????
The Tivoli handles are not rated oven safe. I have wrapped them in foil and used them in the oven at 300 degrees.

Take the WP to the local women's shelter. Many women are setting up new households on nothing and would be glad to have them.

I just found a new brand of stainless, aluminum core cookware at TJ Maxx: called Sarriette. They look good and cost much less than All-Clad. I bought four pans and I'm going to test them.
I'm looking for a good stainless cookware set--any suggestions?
I have no idea and never saw this product before - I just know it says Cyrill Lignac - Aubecq and I bought it at Home Good store _ Marshalls. What a great pan - wish I could find more . Perfect non-stick surface. Although a bit heavy - anything I cook comes out great. I LOVE THIS PIECE , anyone know where I can find more pieces , I have the bigger frying pan - looking for maybe a boiling pot.
Hi Ellen - love this thread. Kinda glad I stumbled on it. That said, went to TJ Maxx and actually like a couple of pots / pans. Would like your insight on the following brands. I am using a new ceramic glass stove. My Calaphon pans don't seem to like this stove. Stove is level - so maybe pans are warped anyways - I am looking at the tivoli, shulte-ufer & Rohe Pots. Was pleased to learn from my fellow posters that the aubecq pans I purchased are quality pans. So thanks for that info as well. Looking forward to any and all imput - gotta make a decision soon. Thanx all!
Hi Again - what are your thoughts on Silit & Kuhhn Rikon - both available at TJ Maxx & Marshalls - any thoughts or comment appreciated. Thanks again
I don't know all the brands. Tivoli has gotten good reviews on this site and Caphalon seems to work well for some, not others.

How did the Sarriette cookware work out? worth the money? Do they compare to All Clad? Let me know...TJ Maxx still has some and they do look nice.

The four Sarriette pans I bought work well on my gas range. I would buy more, but none of the T J Maxx/Marshalls stores in my area have any at this time. If the pans you found have aluminum cores and stainless covers, I think it would be a good idea to buy one or two and try them out on your stove. Don't wait too long, these pans sold out very quickly here!
I saw the Sarriette cookware and was considering buying some but when looking online this is the only information from this post about this cookware. I can't find a company, dealers, info or anything else online. Does anyone know why? I'm the type whose leary of buying something when I can't find anything at all on the product but it looks to be well made.


I suspect that Sarriette cookware is manufactured by a chinese company that also makes aluminum core cookware for big-name American corporations. They don't want to lose these contracts by appearing to be competing directly against US companies in the
US market, so they are keeping a low profile for their own brand.
Jennifer M
Hello everyone.
We just bought the Tivoli 2qt. and 3qt sauce pans from HomeGoods. Love the look and handles. But we haven't found much information on the web about them. However, when doing searches for Tivoli, we get many sites for Caphalon and All Clad. So we were wondering if this product was made by one of these companies, but just was a cheaper version. If anyone does find out where they are from or who makes them. Let us know. Thanks!
Jennifer, this is answered in this thread 10-6-06
I lucked out about 6 months ago at a few different Ross store and was able to assemble the full set of the Tivoli Pro hard anodized post and pan set with the insulated handles and glass lids and I can not say enough good things about them. I spent less than $125 on 12 pieces. Unfortunatly a have a room mate that is a great cook but is very hard on my cookware. I'd like to find a way to replace the set and let him take the set I have.... any suggestions... I have tried to search Ross again but can not seem to get a set together. Can I get a little help???? Thanks
All Clad cookware or Tramantina Tri-Ply Clad
Any opinions on Tramantina tri-ply clad, 18/10 stainless pots and pans? I've seen it on the Tramantina site and it's fairly price as well as at Walmart. Walmart had the same set as on the website for over $100.00 less and it was the above described model. Has anyone used it before? I'm tossing my once again peeling non stick cookware. No matter how careful I am with it, it always peels after a year or so.
If very good nonstick is peeling after a year, you may be cooking too hot or heating empty- non-stick hates both these things.
Thanks Ellen for the non stick info.
Have you heard of Tramantina?
I have not used it or had any cook friends who have it, it has a pretty good rep.
I too found nothing online about this brand. I don't know much but they look like they will last. Does anyone know how to get more info, forinstance if its 18/10 or not? How do they compare to others out there?
Transtherm cookware
How about Transtherm /wmf cookware
I'm trying to find out what the cooking surface of my Tivoli non stick pans are made of. I'm want purchase new pans without non stick qualities because of the health hazards of
teflon and other non stick products.
Would greatly appreciate any information on
how to reach Tivoli. thanks
Tivoli is manufactured by Maspion:

Here is a very comprehensive faq on other cookware brands:

TJ Maxx has at least 3 different types of Tivoli tri-ply stainless steel cookware. They don't give model names but one has black handles (the least expensive), one has black "comfort" handles, & one is bell-shaped with metal handles. I like the look of the bell-shaped pans but am concerned about the handles getting hot. Does anyone know if there is any major difference between the 3 types other than the handles (& if the metal handles do get hot)? Thanks!
MadMike, Did you use the sarriette in the oven also? I have a 12" skillet that says tri-ply on the bottom and wasn't sure if it was safe for the oven also.
I have used aluminum core cookware in the oven at only moderate temperatures. When I cook in the oven during the summer, it heats up the entire house. To save energy I use the stove top and the microwave when possible. Has anyone had the layers of metal separate or other problems with tri-ply while using high-heat?
I haven't had any trouble with metal separation, but I have read many accounts of it. Most of the accounts I have read about are the pans that have a copper strip ( that you can see) Emeril tri-ply ( not the pro clad) have a warning with their pans now saying that it is a possiblility if used at too high a heat, or if boiled dry.

My question is, how high is too high? The instructions say if it happens to not remove the pan. Leave it melting all over the stove, because removing it is dangerous. If you have a glasstop, it will break it. I don't know if there are small signs to look for before it happens or not.

The directions I have from experienced ceramic top users says, not to cook above medium high. The fusion issue is the big one.
I recently bought 4 different size pans of Tivoli cookware at Homegoods. The first time I used the smallest pan, the inside became discolored. It has a swirl design, with a reddish color. Do you know why this happened, and how to correct it.
The same thing happened when I first used Emeril pro clad. It was a swirled rainbow. I just cleaned it out with Bar Keepers Friend. I don't know what causes it.
Tivoli cookware

Can anyone give me any information about the Tivoli Saucepans (sorry, British....that's what I call them). I recently purchased from Homegoods some lovely red pans but I have a ceramic cooker and want to know if they are safe to use on them. I can't find any information anywhere on the web on Tivoli cookware and even Homegoods Head Office can't give me any definite answers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Recently I bought a great stainless steel saucepan from Homegoods, the brand is BODEUX.

Anyone know anything about it ?

We love our "POTOBELO" brand stainless steel cookware bought recently in ROSS... the handle has silicon soft grip, tempered glass lid. Good price and excellent quality.
Wendy, several ceramic threads discuss, and they include manufacturing info.
I bought a Sarriette Dutch oven at TJMaxx to make the New York Times no-knead bread recipe.It cooks at 400 degrees with and without the lid.Seemed to be perfect.
POTOBELO - Do you know where it is made?
I have been trying to find out where the POTOBELO brand is made. I know it has Italia written on it - but it does not say it was made in Italy (Italia). So, I'd appreciate any information on this. Thank you.
It is manufactured in China:


US patent application filed 3-24-2008

My family bought me some Tivoli cookware pieces last November for my birthday. I ABSOLUYELY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!! The probem is that I need saucepans for my set and can no longer find them, I tried EVERY Ross's, Marshalls and TJ Maxx in my town and two others. I have the Enamel clad white with purple flowers on it. Does ANYONE know how I could get more pieces? (I tried the Tivoli site. No help.) I LOVE this site and enjoy readig posts. Any help here? ANYONE? (giggle) (Do I sound desperate?)
my wife just came home with a Potobelo 12" pan with 3' height that looks great. A description didnt come with it, but it looks stainless and says 'stainless' on the bottom. Its weight leads me to believe that it has an aluminum core but all of the outer surfaces are stainless.

can anyone tell me about the compsition?

Hi all, I just bought a Tivoli tea kettle at Ross, and wanted to know what it is made of. After reading through this blog and looking up stuff on the maspion site, it looks like the one I got is enamel on steel (very lovely marigold outside, and black inside). Just to clarify (since I have no idea about any of this, excuse my ignorance), does this steel encase any aluminum? Part of the confusion is that the photos of other enamel on steel is white interior, but this is black. I would like to start using only stainless steel and cast iron (no more teflon-y things), and also buying quality things that last! does anyone have an answer to this, and/or has anyone used a Tivoli tea kettle?
Does anyone know if either Tivoli or Aubecq are commercial grade? I have a professional commercial grade cook top with very high heat. I hear so much good stuff about both of these products, but not sure if it is commercial grade or not. I can't get any literature on any of them. Anyone with info is very much appreciated.
Rosie, these are home-quality. If I were buying for your stove, I might use this for pots, but would consider going to Le Creuset for saute-pans etc. They make a great "everything" pan, about 12'' by 3", curved sides, oven-usable, that goes on sale about once a year for under $100.
Does anyone know if Tivoli has a website and what the warranty is on the 21 piece set? I've had my set for about two years, and it's been a nightmare. The enamel inside of the pots has started to chip off, and the non-stick pans have all peeled VERY badly. I don't even use them anymore because it's supposed to be bad for you.

Anyway, I'm wondering what sort of warranty (if any) these have.

Those of you who have just gotten a set, be warned. I was like a Nazi with my set - no utensils besides the ones it came with, so rough sponges for cleaning - and they have just fallen apart. It's pathetic. For the first few months, they look great, but after that, you can't really use them to cook unless you want chips of enamel floating in your food, or chemicals leaking out of the non-stick surface that just seems to peel off the bottom.

I hate Tivoli, and wouldn't recommend their products to anyone who actually does more than heat up a can of soup.

They don't have a website and with most cookware, you need to return it to the place purchased within the first year. I am sorry to hear you had so much trouble! Mine has been going for years with no such problems.

Besides the cleaning there are two other care notes; don't heat empty or transfer direct from refrigerator to stove top, and stick to medium high or lower heat.


Scotti Milestone
Sarriette cookware
I too have bought 2 Sarriette frying pans and would like more information on their care. Seem like good pans.
I also bought some Bodeux pots with solid stainless steel lids from Homesense in Canada. I can't find anything on the net about them. I'd love to know where to get more info on the product lines.
I also bought a Bodeux pot and like it because the lid can be complete close when you are making soup. Other pots including Paderno, Lagostina you have to open the lid to let steam out. same nothing in the web.
Sarriette SS Cookware
I just purchased a Sarriette 3.5 quart pan, alum core, 3 layer bonded construction, stovetop and oven safe, compatible on induction stovetops as well as elec and gas, haven't used it yet, but it looks and feels great. Has anyone used this and have comments? Thank you. Dolores
Mary Beth
We have a 4 quart pot. yellow with white interior. (Tivoli) We like it, but everything sticks...even pasta. What are we doing wrong?
Sarriette Tri- Ply
I purchased 1.5 qt., 2 qt and 3 qt Sarriette saucepans and a 3.5 qt sautepan a few weeks back to use in our Park City home. I love them. So today I went back to TJ Max and purchased another set to use at our other home. I've used them for a variety of dishes and they perform great. I store my cook ware on shelves next to the stove at the other house and I like the way these nestle together. I about cleaned out the supply at the store. The tag claims they are stovetop and oven safe and compatible with induction stovetops. I use them on gas cooktops and find they work great even for refried beans as the heat is spread evenly up the sides and does not scorch the beans or stick,
Mary Beth, it sounds like yours got overheated at least once, and the sticking problem got started- I did this to one of mine.

coating the bottom with a little oil BEFORE you start to heat it might work.

03/15/09 For info Aubecq
03/15/09 For info Aubecq
aubecq carat induction
Has anyone purchased the champagne colored aubecq carat induction non-stick pots recently? I saw several sizes this past summer in Home Goods but have not seen any since then. They got in some of the open saute pans but so far no pots with lids. Are they still being made?
Gosh, so many Tivoli lovers out there.

I just bought (individually) almost a full set of Tivoli at Homesense in Toronto.

Well in need of a new set of pots and pans I decided the criteria would be an asthetically pleasing pot and pan, glass lids with a handle (not a button), and, of course, good stainless steel. I found everything in the Tivoli (plus a good price, too).

***This is for SHERYL*** who is lookingfor a double boiler insert for the Tivoli. I too wanted one and found among all the pots and pans a Paderno insert piece that fits exactly the 6.5" diameter Tivoli saucepan. The insert is labelled 'open stock' 1.5L Dbl.Boiler. The look of the insert (inside and out matches the Tivoli pot perfectly. I'm sure you'll have no proablem finding it.

I've gotten almost all the pieces I wanted, will so a sweep of stores to see if there is anything more I want. So far I really like all the new Tivoli I've gotten.

New to the Aubecq line, just bought a nonstick frypan at Homesence. I have a ceramic top stove. Can anyone let me know if it is safe to use on this surface? Thanks
I just bought a Tivoli Pro skillet in a Thrift store for $3. Since it has a metal handle can I use it in the oven? I'm not sure if a coated pan can be used in the oven.
We have a gas semi -commercial stove and am looking at replacing our current set og pots. Need pots where the handles do not heat up during cooking process. Any recommendations??
Cheryl, yes, Jerry, yes, Karen I simply recommend you buy the individual pots you use, not a set.
Hi David

The POTOBELO 12" pan - is a stainless steel pan with aluminum core on the bottom to promo even heating during the cooking. The aluminum core is totally encapsulated with a stainless steel protector plate around it.

We enjoy our POTOBELO pan


Tivoli cookware -
Hi, I live in Canada and just bought Tivoli Stainless steel pots and pans separately at Winners, they looked like good quality and price was right so I scooped them. When I got home I thought I would do a search on them but to no avail. i found ur site ellen and thought I would drop a line. the only thing I found is on the tag saying they were designed in Italy, don't know where they are made. I hope not china. hahahaha. but can't wait to try them out. cheers Gerry
Umm, yes, China. They work well for most people. Just remember, do NOT heat empty or pour liquid into a hot pan and use medium to medium high heat preferably to high, to protect the enamel finish.
POTOBELO fry pan
HI KAREN, where did you buy your pan? I bought couple of pieces from Ross but I can not find the frying pans to match my set. Since the item does no have any website on the carton or tag it is super hard to find the matching pieces.

please let me know if you know any other places where the pans could be bough. Thanks D

any info on Bodeux would be appreciated. I am buying pots for my daughters first apartment and would like to get her a nice set that will last, w/o a steep price. Bodeux looks nice in Homegoods, but there is not much product information with it. Is it 18/10?
Haven't been able to turn up the bodeux info yet, will keep trying.
I discovered Tivoli today and, as many on this forum, tried to find the roots. I checked out the manufacturer, but only non-stick Tivoli is now advertised on the website. No stainless steel. This could explain why we find only pieces of stainless steel at various discount stores. I like that it is not heavy. Have not yet tried to use the small pots I purchased. If the experience is positive, will go back to TJ Maxx to purchase more of Tivoli.
Hi Pat

BODEUX stainless steel cookware is 18/10...


Just bought (in Homegoods) BODEUX beautiful stainless steel pan with copper bottom that says "BODEUX France" on handles and bottom. Still keeping tags and investigating. Is it fake or its really made in France? what kind of steel? Its puzzling that there is no reference on the web... Is it made in China,and they simply misspelled "Bordeaux" ??? What quality are they? I love my all-clad,and I have some belgian pans for 20 years that started to have some strange spots... Would prefer to know I am buying something good, or even pay more money in the regular store... Of course in this economy and being unemployed its tricky. On the other side i have been cooking more than ever with more time and savings in mind - and would love toenjoy good cookware. please help to learn about BODEUX!
This is the mystery cookware- the only one I have not been able to find manufacturing or patent information for. People seem to like it, though...
Good for you on joining the home cooking, slow food movement- it will make a difference in your health.
Basse-Bodeux is an area of Belgium.
Ellen - thank you for information and for encouragement. I will keep researching and cheking here, for about two more weeks. The pan looks great, and I will try to test it. It is also too good looking to return without giving "it" a chance.

Thank you!

Love my All-Clad that was purchased about a year ago... doesn't get any better than this!! I also have a set of Revere ware which I've been happy with. I purchased a Tivoli pot from TJMaxx, used about 5 times, and thought it was great until last night when we noticed a leak where the rivet on the handle (which goes through the pot itself) was leaking... water all over my stove top! No more Tivoli for me.
So the Bodeux cookware.. 5.0QT/4.8L pot
Bad chemical smell
I just bought it a week ago, cleaned it today with soapy water.. put the pot full of water on the burner and realized there was a strong chemical smell from the pot as the burner's heat went to med-high. Emptied the water, and boiled another fresh amount.. and everything seemed ok. Boiled my potatoes and veggies, meal done. Pot cooled and started to clean with soapy water, THEN NOTICED some kind of tarnishing on bottom.. first black dots and white curosive residue speckled that won't come off. Tried scrubbing really hard, boiling with vinegar and water and wont come off.
Do not know what to do, but obviously perplexed and confused.
Never had this problem with pots in the past.
Was impressed with it's "stainless steel" shine when I took the lid off to reveal the inside of the pot, I suppose it's some cheap manufactured junk.
Would like to return it back to Winners here in Toronto, hope all this food is not tainted.
Am I going crazy here?? Has anyone else had success?
Mike D
Yes, I too have just purchased some pots and pans bearing the name Bodeux France. As was the case with some of you, I too was misled into thinking that these pans were made in France. Now please, don't misunderstand me, I have nothing against products made in China or elsewhere, it’s just that I don’t like companies that misrepresent- now I am not sure if that was the intension of Bodeux France.

I don't believe Bodeux is misspelled from Bordeaux - Bordeaux is a TM for a region in France that makes great wine, so this Chinese company probably used a similar sounding name to sound exclusive. I am deeply concerned with the experience Nina had (toxic smell and the tarnishing). I am still within the 10 days at Winners, should I return these pots and pans? Has anyone else had a good or bad experience?

Bodeux Pots
I too just bought some Bodeux pots from winners. I came home to search the name on the web and also can't find anything on this company. I have used my frying pan once and I also have some white looking corosive spots on them. My gut feeling is to take them back...Does anyone else have any insight into these pots?
Bodeux Pots
I just got back from HomeSense in Kitchener and was looking at Bodeux Pots. I am French and did not recognize the name as being very french, so I googled it and could not find any information about the product. I read through your posts about Bodeux and I can now say that I will not be buying them. Better safe than sorry -- I would rather pay the extra money and buy Lagostina. Thanks
Here is some background info on the Bodeux product.
In a product search from International Housewares association -

It is a product made by Zoombo North America Inc. and the product bares the link -

Also just wanted to say the lady at Winners was so concerned she had the girl she was working with throw it in the trash while I was standing right there lol! Unfortunately my receipt was nowhere to be found so they were understanding with a store credit

Good for you Nina! Thanks for your research.
I bought my Bodeux pots and pans from the States and I've been very satisfied with my set so far. They've fulfilled my expectations: the handle stays cool, there's even heat transfer, and it's easy to clean. I've noticed that there's some dispute about the 'made in China' issue; I just want to put it out there that most of Lagostina's cookware is also made in China (designed in Italy) and only their high end lines are actually made in Italy. I also have some pieces by Lagostina, Tivoli, Excelon, All Clad, and others and if I had to compare them according to usage and price, I would say Bodeux would be near the top of my list. As you all know it's healthy to replace our cookware more often than not so I don't feel too guilty about replacing the Bodeux ones since they're cheaper than others. I'd definitely buy these again.
Trying to find a non-stick Tivoli skillet ... purchased an omelet pan at TJMax a while back, and it is so fantastic - the best pan I've ever owned... wonderful quality....but TJMax does not have any more pieces. Anyone know where Tivoli can be found?
I got a 12" skillet at "Home Goods" and absolutely love it. Its heavy with the non stick surface.
I have gone to several more Home Goods stores but haven't been able to find anymore like it.
bodeux france
I recently bought a Bodeux france pan. It is stainless steel with a aluminum centre and copper bottom. I fried some eggs in it today and had no problems...seemed to be about the same as my lagostina pan. The tag nor the pan stated the country of origin. I did notice that the bordeux cookware that did not have copper bottoms were labeled made in china.
Pampered Chef cookware
I would like to know if anyone has any experience with this cookware, either the non-stick or the SS. It appears well made and boasts a lifetime warranty. Big question is it worth the bucks? $560.00 for NS 5 Pc. set.
hiya, i've just bought two Sarriette pans from TK Maxx (I'm in the uk by the way) and, well... i bought them cos they're red and they're beautiful. i like the grippy handles too. Anyway, they were sold without a box or anything and i don't know if they are ok to use on my hob - it is a ceramic one. Normally i'd check before i buy but these things look damn good and were the only ones left, i figured i could check them out on the internet and always return them if they are not suitable. Any advice? Many thanks.
yes, several readers have used with success. See the nearby cookware thread for specific hints about enamel ware on ceramics.
thanks very much! I've just found the matching skillet on amazon. turns out that they are made by Meyer Group Ltd and are known as KitchenAid.
I have enjoyed reading this information about the Tivoli Cookware... I purchased two pots from Ross on yesterday based on the fact that they're non-stick, enamel on steel, and color...ORANGE.
I also purchased some bodeux copper bottom cookware and after the second use, the bottom of the pan turned red and all the copper was gone and the inside of the 4 pots that I purchased had blacked spots and tarnished, which wouldn't come off with vinegar or pot cleaner. I had to return them to homesense which was really disapointing as they were very nice pots. When speaking with the returns girl, she informed me that almost all of the ones that had been sold had already been returned. They also had no information regarding the product or manufacturer other than the tag attached to the pots. Very disapointing and I would suggest you return them before this happens and you are stuck with them
I love Tivoli Cookware!
Me, too.
DEFINITLY stay away from Bodeux it's a crap product disguised as "quality"

After the 1st use, the copper on the bottom of the pan came off almost entirely, EVERYTHING i mean EVERYTHING sticks to the pan regardless of how much oil or butter you put in, and based on the previous reports of tarnishing and black spots?

I'm returning my pan to Homesense right now because these pans are defective. I have worked as a cook on proper stainless steel cook ware and this pan is definitely NOT properly manufactured.

return whatever bodeux pans you got and I'm going to stick with lagostina like I should have.

Hah i was so mad I even spelt my name wrong.

My name is Kayeon by the way. Nice to meet you all!

I had bought only one Potobelo 5-quart stainless steel pot a year back,have used it very often and I love it! Food cooks evenly and fast, easy to clean (dishwasher safe), no special care needed, scratch resistant heavy bottom pot with sturdy handles.
So I decided to buy a set of this cookware. I felt it was a good deal compared to T-Fal,Kitchen Aid and Cuisinart.
They come with glass lids for all the pots and 2 frying pans(without lid). All are made in good sizes which is very comfortable for a family of 2 or 4. Since it is all stainless steel and not non-stick, you should make sure to use a little oil to prevent food from burning. In my opinion, stainless steel cookware lasts longer than any non-stick cookware and needs very little care. I am so happy that I bought Potobelo cookware.
I recently purchased a 10 inch Sarriette skillet with a glass lid at TJ Maxx. I've been using it on my gas stove and absolutely love how it cooks! I am looking for more!
Tivoli frying pans have rivets which can explode making a sound like a gun shot and sending the rivet cap flying. I you have one of these pans, stop using it. If this has happened to you, please send me an email. These pans are extremely dangerous and should be recalled.
Wow, after reading people's responses, I'm very glad to have passed on Tivoli a few years back! Sounds like there were some serious problems. I didn't trust the brand in-store, I'm not sure if it was from my magnet test or the weight or materials. I went with Aubecq + Kuhn Rikon, + have been extremely happy with both with near-daily use. Both found at tj maxx. Hope they still sell it, I'm looking to add a pot.
I purchases several Tivoli pro pans from Marshalls recently, an 8 & 10 in non stick. They are fine. I bought them to replace my "nonstick" ALL CLAD of the same size which were 10 years old and the nonstick surface was no longer working well. You may ask "Why not send them in to All Clad for replacement, they have a lifetime warranty?"

I thought so too and did send them in for replacement. All Clad sent them back & said I put them under high heat and used metal utensils so no replacement. Of course neither was the case, they were simply 10 years old. I called and asked for more info and their customer service rep was simply rude & basically called me a liar. So, BE WARNED ABOUT ALL CLAD, THEY DO NOT HONOR THEIR WARRANTY> so why spend 50 0r 100 bucks thinking, well, if they ware out they will replace them... nope. I called William & Sonoma where I bought them and asked what the deal is & they admitted they have had complaints just like mine.

So don't waste you money on All Clad. Also, found out the local restaurant supply carries Tivoli pots & pans. BTW, not aware of any restaurant actually using All Clad either. Dont get me wrong, I have about 10 pot & panS of theirS BUT NEVER AGAIN.

What a M A D O F F !!!
We’ve just came home with five Bodeux France pots from Homesense.
I went on the web and could find absolutely nothing about the product, the distributor, the manufacturer… the people behind it (pretty much the same with the cookware itself, the labels etc.). I found this website and I am very glad I did. We immediately conducted as scientific test as we could come up with: water, salt, vinegar and some blueberry juice boiled together for about 20 minutes. Next I put the pot outside into the snow at -11deg C for about 20 minutes. Next we hand washed the pot a and the lid and dried with paper towel. We found no stains nor discoloration. What we found is:
1. The handle is attached to the glass lid in the way that the clear plastic washers are on the inside (in the store we did not realize that there are any plastic washers) and between all five lids the quality of those washers, on the scale 1 to 10 is between I would say 3 (about 2 mm of the washer sticks from beneath the metal rivet on the ‘inside’ side of the lid) to 9 (non visible, hidden under metal part). I am not giving it 10 because I don’t want any plastic washer on the lids and especially on the inside, exposed to cooked food.
2. After drying and letting it sit in the room temperature there was plenty of water visible between the glass and the stainless steel rim. There was no way to dry it. We immediately imagined some of our sup or stew there.
Tomorrow the set is going back to Homesense, they have Lagostina maybe not as elegant as Bodeux France but with … we all know what.
All together Bodeux France translates to ‘very unpleasant experience. We bought it for very pleasant look and good price. I couldn’t wait to get home, to get on the net and find out about good stuff behind it. Nasty cheeters!!! WHAT A MADOFF !!!
Hi Marek

The washer on the lid is made from food grade silicon material., the same silicon used on most of the kitchen tools and flexi bakeware.

We enjoy our Bodeux stainless steel pot bought from HOMEGOODS in USA.. love it.


TJMaxx/HomeGoods is great for some cookware deals, but I would NOT buy AllClad pots from them. They are all "seconds". You'll see an "S" stamped on the underside of the handle. This means that these pots have a defect. It could be minor, it could be significant but subtle to see, but in most cases the pans are abused. Most of them get beat up in transit or having been roughly moved around on the shelves.

Kitchen Aid makes some decent cookware and you can get really good prices at TJMaxx/HomeGoods. I bought a small 10" non-stick pan for making omelets and other small kitchen duty, for $12. The non-stick quality feels as good as Calphalon, or even better. The handle is solid polished steel (not chrome) and can therefore go in the oven when needed.

Aubecq is more costly, but they are excellent quality for the price. I'd pick them over AllClad any day. The only trouble, is finding them! I've only seen one so far, a 1qt pot with copper bottom, for $39. Although the copper is more maintenance, as you have to clean it every few weeks (or else it just looks awful), the performance is excellent. I use mine to steam vegetables mostly. Keeping eye out for more, though.

I got a stainless stell Bodeux pan w/ lid from Homesense in Kelowna. It looked like it was made good and had no plastic in the handle, unlike the other brand, so I got it. After two pan grillings, the color has changed to brown and there are black speckles which can't be scrubbed off. The store manager doesn't take it back; she says it is "unselllable", and I have seen you here two days ago! I can see now on their return policy that the returns are on the discretion of the store, and they can't take back "unsellable" products!
What does that mean? It means they can sell you crap and not be responsible for it at all!
I was just reading a post concerning rivets on the Trivoli cookware exploding. I have not heard anything about these pans being dangerous. In fact I love mine. Has anyone else had problems with theirs? If true, why would they still be selling them. And there are many different types of Trivoli, the person who posted needs to be more specific on which type had problems.
I bought a Sarriette 30cm sauté pan at TK Maxx and it's fantastic - It passed the dreaded 'Will the center of the pan warp up after a couple of weeks' test with flying colours and I'm just about to churn out a batch of latkas - yum yum yum!
Lourdes Dieguez
Hello to all.
I just purchased a 8" fry Pan by Potobelo Italia at Ross Stores in Miami, FL. I liked the look and the weight. It has a copper bottom and the handle is metal. This is exactly what I was looking for to make a omlette in the oven. I googled Potobelo and did not find any info on the product line. I am still for a 2nd 8" fry pan and will continue to ROSS hop as I call it until I find it. I love the site.. Very helpful and informative.

With Regards,
Lourdes Dieguez

Tivoli cookware
How do you clean stains off? I have a red large Tivoli stock pot with enamel interior. Yesterday I cooked crowder peas which left the interior stained. I have washed it and gently scrubbed it with baking soda to no avail. Only one card was with the pot but it doesn't give any cleaning instruction except to say it is dishwasher safe. I don't want to use the pot again until the stain is clean. Does anyone know how to safely get the stain out.
I just purchased a Tivole frying pan at Winners. I know cooking on aluminum is very bad. I'm looking now at the artist's sketch (on the tag) of how the pan was made and can't make any sense out of it. It lists stainless steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. I'm fine if the aluminum is in between the stainless steel, but the picture makes it look like it is on the surface. "STAINLESS STEEL" is stamped on the bottom. Does anyone have a number to call to find out? Any thoughts? This pan looks perfect, except the glass lid doesn't have a small vent hole to allow some steam to escape.
It is aluminum core- none at the food contact level...
Potobelo: Reviews or Opinions of it?
I recently purchased some Potobelo cookware from Ross and was interested in knowing if other individuals have had any positive or negative cooking experiences with this line? I like the look and feel of it but am wary of anything "made in China" as Potobelo is. Any comments or opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.
Orville Brown
I purchased a tivoli copper bottom skillet 12" at TJ Maxx 5+ years ago. Still looks great Cleans up well and retains flavors with th foods that you cook. Today purchased 2 Tivoli skillet pans with the carrying handles at TJ Maxx in Irving. I liked the idea of a smaller skillet style pan with the side carry handles minus the long handle. Will try tonight. Good balance. 2nd one is for Dad's Birthday present.
Lucky dad. Thanks.
Does anyone know of a good frypan? I'm looking to replace my teflon ones (I specifically want to avoid any nonstick coating)... I have Tivoli enameled pots & love them so far - I found them at Ross.
We bought the big red pot from marshalls for $27. We boiled ribs in it and the lining of the pot came off in shards and ruined the meat. Thank god that my girlfriend dumped the water in the pot out and noticed the lining was defective just minutes before we were going to eat dinner. I took the pot back to the store and some of the shards scattered on my floormat. I scooped some of them up with my hand to find that they were razor sharp sticking into my fingers.
Remarkable and rare experience. Thanks for the heads up.
I need to replace my roommates aubecq POT.. He does not cook and I try to cook more then he does. He leaves all his pots and pans greased, I dont know why.. Trying to cook one day burned the bottom of his POT.. I hid it for now.. I need to replace it very soon.. Lets just say too much heat turned it black, why does he leave grease in his pots??
I have become a convert to Dawn Power Spray degreaser as a spray-on solution to help me clean grease, including baked on grease, from my pota and pans. It is found with the dish washing detergents.
I just bought a Tivoli Pro 12" Commercial Weight Skillet Pan - Champaign non-stick and I haven't seen any in champaign color before, is it save. Also it says it has a Dobule rivet stay cool handles. I read in some previous questions that the rivets pops. Are they referring to the handles. If like some feedback before I tear away at the tags.
I have used my Tivoli pans for years with no rivet problems, and only one reader has had this difficulty. I like mine a lot. Like other enamel pans, they prefer medium high rather than high heat and do not take well to going from refrigerator to stove.
I love my Tivoli cookware (soft yellow) and I too have a hard time finding it for sale anywhere, sometimes I think this stuff is made for the "more affordable" department stores like Ross, and Marshall's.
I like the stuff I have, although my big pot was ruined stuff stuck to the bottom.
Anyone know where can I buy Tivoli cookware online?
They occasionally show up on EBay.
Jim K
Bought my first Tivoli cookware today at Ross, a 7"-inch saucepan, with a glass lid. A new name to me, but it looked first-rate in quality. Used it on my Max Burton induction hob after washing the pot carefully, and it performed flawlessly. Although not the same name or color as my three Bianca TVS enamel skillets from Italy, this is of little consequence, as they are used for cooking, not for show. It seems to me that carbon steel, necessary for induction cooking, clad in enamel, is a really good way to go. So far, I've not found any negatives with the enamel pans, though I've only been using them for a couple of months. I tossed my Teflon (and such) brands of non-stick cookware a couple of years ago, on the advice of various nutritionists, scientists and doctors, and have never been sorry. We bought a set of very expensive multiple-layer stainless cookware a couple of years ago, but they are very heavy, although they cook wonderfully well. In regard to induction cooking, yes, one has to get used to how it works and cooks, but that is only a matter of a few days or weeks at most, and the rewards are many. It is most easy to cook with, and cooks as fast or as slow as one wishes. In regard to using the induction hob (cooker) with non-carbon-steel cookware, one must use an "induction interface disk", made of carbon steel with a soft handle, which one can purchase from various sites online. The hob heats the disk, which then heats the cookware. It really does work quite well. I bought mine from '', which is the parent company for the Max Burton induction cooker. I'm slowly moving totally away from stainless steel and toward enamel, though the Tivoli, which I think must surely be one of the best according to the postings here, will be my preferred brand, if I can find them. Thanks to all for the suggestions. Now it's off to find Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores to see what's available!
I just bought a set of Serriette Stainless Steel 18/8 induction compatible cookware for my college age daughters apartment. I bought it because it is hot pink and very cute. It has absolutely no information about the care. Can it go in the dishwasher? I assume it can be used on a gas or electric stove not just induction. Any special instructions?
No comments on this from readers...
Hello I was hoping to ask Susan Soloman (posted 10/06/06) what the name of the company in Boston is, responsible for distribution of Tivoli Cookware in the USA. If anyone knows, I would live to have that information. I would hate to call to Indonesia.
Sorry, but we do not post or retain reader email addresses to prevent spambot flooding of their mailboxes. Here is the current available info:

Company Name: Chin Fung Trading Co., Ltd. Aluminum products, aluminum sheet, coils, foils, tread plates, cookware, frypan, saucepan, stock pot
Registered Address: Flat 1501, 15/F, Wing On House, 71 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong
"Chin Fung Trading Company Limited is a branch office of Maspion Group in Hong Kong. Our group had been founded for about 50 years with 50 factories located in both Indonesia and China and annual turnover of USD850 million. "

Exploding Rivet on KitchenAid Frying Pan
We've had a set of KitchenAid Stainless cookware for many years and have been quite satisfied. While cooking bacon in the 10" frying pan last weekend there was what I literally thought was a rifleshot. Upon inspection, one of the rivets on the short handle had literally exploded with such a force that is was completely shattered, almost ejecting the inner part of the rivet into the pan. The level of damage to the rivet, which is about 3/8" in diameter of stainless steel, would require such force that this could be a potentially fatal event. Are you aware of any similar events or a recall on these?
No, but the exploding rivet has been reported on other brands. You can file a report with the US Consumer Safety Bureau.
Yes, I've filed a report on the Consumer Protection Bureau website. It's a little hard to come up with a reason that could explain why this happens. My theory is that water has somehow been trapped in the rivet hole. As the pot heats up and expands it seals that water in and the steam creates enough force to explode. Not a nice event. Hope no one is hurt from this.

Do you know what other brands have experienced this?

Does KitchenAid have a lifetime warranty? If so, I'd like to take advantage of it during MY lifetime.

I may be a bit paranoid, but I'm wondering why it's so difficult to get info. on Tivoli products. Most companies like to be accessible for their own advertisement sake. I own couple of Tivoli pots as well and like them quite a bit, only i've burnt one of them dry - boiling water and the bottom was black and i was able to clean it just boiling it again with water and soap and then using non abrasive cleaner. My concern is that - on Tivoli label, i remember reading, if burnt to dry, DO NOT USE!i've used it again since the incident and i sort of smell faint metal scent when finished cooking. Does anyone have any facts about using burnt pots again? Is it safe? I've been searching to contact the company for info. and no success.
They are based in Hong Kong. One reader suggested that they may keep a low profile because they make higher end pots under other brand names and have a non-competition arrangement; just speculation.

If they specifically said, don't use it, I would punch a hole in it and discard it turn it into a flower pot.

Tivoli cookware - Replacement Lids
I have the all clad 6 & 8 quart pots that I purchased and Home Goods. They are perfect for my cooking needs. However I accidently dropped the lid to one of the pots and since it was glass it shattered to pieces. Does anyone know if and where you can get replacement glass lids for these pots. Thank you!
Tramontina, Aubecq, Ethos
I have reverted to cooking only with 18/10 stainless cookware. In the past few years I have purchased several pieces of Aubecq, Ethos and Tramontina(some marked made in China but also made in Brazil). I have had excellent results with these three brands - even cooking, easy clean-up and they look still look beautiful. All purchased at either TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Tuesday Morning at very reasonable prices.
Dear all,

can anyone tell me if they have used the sarriette pots and pans? I am thinking of purchasing some from home sense. I saw MadMike had commented in this thread, any thoughts Mike.....Anyone??? I am just setting up home so looking for reasonable but good pans.

Thank you

Ellen - great site. Just bought some non-stick Tivoli cookware at Winners. Is all non-stick cookware made of Teflon?? Is there still a debate on health issues pertaining to Teflon? Thanks
yes, some debate. Mostly but not all teflon. Don't scratch, don't overheat.
I bought some smaller Sarriette pots at TJMAX for my induction hot plate. (Which uses a lot less elctricity than my electric stove top--and using less is my interest). They have glass lids with a little hole in it to let steam out, I think. I like them a LOT. They are all I want to use now, and I do have expensive AllClad to compare with. They seem much easier to keep clean than the AllClad. The lids and the shape of the pans are what I like most--especially for induction. The shape of the pans I picked is like a vase--narrower at the bottom, then flares wider as it goes up. They were quite inexpensive. I keep hoping they are not "radioactive". (I have no particular reason to suspect this, but.. I am an alarmist). Someday, will have a friend with a Geiger counter check. Went back and got duplicates! Then, went back and got two more-- larger and even larger pots yesterday. Glad to know gourmet cooks like them, because I am not a great cook and have always used cheap pots--before the AllClad. ---65 year old and learning
aubecq cookware france

I have recently purchased at TJMAX some aubecq cookware france and just love it. I actually went back and bought all they had. I would like to purchase more. Does anyone have more information on this line of cookware?

my trivoli R pro pan says it has removable rubber handles. Does that mean they cannot go in the oven?
Hi, Brigitte, yes, do not put the rubber handles in the oven.
What ever you buy make sure they are not PTFE( emits carcinogic PFOA (pans like pan starts with T( you know what). Buy only greenpans like Thermolon or Stailess pans. Research before you buy the chemical coating for non sticks.
I received an Aubecq fry/omelette pan as a gift (purchased from Home Base). It's a non-stick aluminum pan in a gold color (inside and out) with a stainless steel disk on the bottom (induction compatible). It has a slighly more textured finish inside than most non-stick, so I'm hoping it may be PFOA and PTFE free. Anyone have any information on what the finish is made of?
I have a small Tivoli pot that when I took the glass lid off and set it on the counter it exploded int micro glass chips all over. At the time I was only boiling water......I would be skeptical to purchase more Tivoli products...I will look for the Made in the USA from now on.
I purchased Tivoli Pro saucepans 1qt, 2qt & 3qt all with glass lids from TJ Maxx 2 years ago and I can't find any negatives about them.
They are commercial weight, sturdy flat bottoms and cushioned handles.
They were very inexpensive for the quality you receive. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
stainless steel frying pans
How much difference is the surface area between an 11" stainless steel frying pan and a 12", the difference in the price is approx. $20.
The 11 is 5/6 the amount of the 12.
margarita Colmenares
What cookware brands should I be looking for that are NOT made in China?

How much should I expect to pay for 9-10 piece set?

And Ellen how were you able to determine the exact manufacturing location for the Potobelo?

Thank you.

Don't buy a set, get individual pots at an outlet mall.

The Potobelo info is from the US patent office. One of my best sleuthing jobs.

Potobelo Italia Cookware
I purchased 3 Potobelo pot/pans from Ross today. They are 8qt -$25, 3qt -$17, and 2 qt -$15. Beautiful cookware, I hope I like them! Any comments from someone who may have used this brand before??? On both quality and the price I paid? I appreciate any feedback BEFORE I remove all the tags and use them! Also, where might I find a matching fry pan?


Leif Harmsen
Deering had a problem with exploding rivets. I was cooking my polente as per normal tonight and BANG! It was as loud as a gun. I found the rivet "cap" at the other side of my flat - good thing I wasn't in the line of fire. The difference is that mine was a Tefal frying pan - but then these many brands are so abstracted from the few manufacturers that it might be the same pan, or at least the same homicidal rivets. Look for big convex rivet heads on the inside of the pan at the handle - there are usually two. There must be an air space that expands when heated and can rip the stainless steel rivet apart. Throw your pan out if it has big convex rivets!
If in the USA, the Consumer Product Safety Comission agency wants to hear about this type of defect, you can report it online. here is the page:

I purchased a Aubecq saute pan from Winners in Barrie, Ontario Canada. Winners is a large outlet store carrying mark down on all fashion designers, plus cookware, jewellery, footwear, frangrances etc. I think I paid around $25.00 Canadian and love the pan. Nothing sticks, it heats up very quickly, and clean up is great. fyi, I also bought a pair of ladies Haggar dress slacks, Jane Ashley blouse, and a Calvin Klein sweater...all for under $90.00 Canadian (including our ridiculous taxes)...fabulous store but you have to have the time and patience to dig and look...usually going first thing in the time to get good deals
I bought my Tivoli pot at Home Goods and love it. Looking to buy more.
I just bought a small fry pan, large skillet and fairly large pot and the large stock pot from Tivoli all-clad. All seem difficult to clean and I used the stock pot today to make vegetable soup. The inside bottom of the pot looks almost pitted. There are black dots that cannot be removed. Not sure if it is safe to use again. Any ideas. I wash with dish soap and dish rag. I have not cooked anything on more than a medium high setting.
Re; bodeux
I have just bought a BODEUX pan also from Homesense in Kelowna, after reading all the info on this product, I will take it back without having used it.
Its unfortunate stores will sell products they can't back up. Good way to lose customers as I shop at that store quite often.
Thanks for the info. there is no where else to get it.
I bought a Tivoli 2 handle fry pan at Home Goods. I used it for the first time tonight to make a frittata. I liked the fact it fit in my counter convection oven to brown it but the pan was extremely difficult to clean. Love the 2 handle concept but not the pan itself.
I just bought a TIvoli teakettle at Ross yesterday. It worked great, I love the lime green color, and the price was reasonable. I do wish there was more information about the company on the web. Thanks for all your comments: this website was very helpful.
Did you guys ever hear about Red Rose cookware, it seems like it's another mysterious manufacture. Bought it home sense in Vancouver. Thanks for reply :)
Don't know this one.
Nick W Meale
50 % inside of my Sariette rim 18/8 SS fry pan is discolored..Is this a normal thin??..Just used one time to cook fish and then cleaned in the dish washer using Cascade tried hand cleaning with Ajax and discoloration is still present..Thanks,Nick
Several readers have reported discoloring of the Sariette. Was it discolored after cooking, or did it turn when washed? Not all finishes tolerate the dishwasher.
nick meale
Sariette fry pan
As I said above "Just used one time to cook fish and then cleaned in the dish washer"..Discoloration was after the dish washer cleaning..Should I return the pan to TJ Maxx or can I remove the discoloration?..Have just had it one week..Thjx...Nick
Probably not removable, as a chemical reaction between the finish and the dishwasher detergent. You can try returning it, but they may refuse on the grounds of using it in the dishwasher.
nick meale
Will return it as TJMaxx as the pan had no instructions..Also that is my out..thx for the quick responses
Bodeux cookware. Anyone has an idea about this cookware as it received 5 star rating in, total 44 reviews !
purchased a couple of tivoli, non stick pots. Great!! Found them at Ross. Mine had instructions attached. NO DISHWASHER. I keep scrounging at Ross' TJMaxx etc. Easy to clean.
I have been cooking since 1962 and became an artisan European bread baker in 1977. I have a commercial bakery in my home, with 3 Hobart commercial mixers and 1 Univex commercial mixer, and a Hobart warewasher. My nearly 1000 square foot kitchen (our kids are out of the house, so going forward, it's just me and my wife, an R.D., certified foodservice sanitarian, and recipe developer, and former manager of food programs for the Cities of New York and Newark, New New Jersey.

My profession is that of environmental attor-ney, formerly with the US EPA and United States Attorney's office. I lived in France during the 1960s, where I learned not how to cook, but what to cook. This plus my family having run one of New York City's most fabled restaurants (no longer in business) for a good part of the 20th century gives me some credentials to speak knowledgably about cookware.

My first -- and for decades only -- piece of copper equipment was a single All-Clad 5 0r 6 quart saucepan, with the exterior copper exposed and the handles of brass, received as a very appreciated wedding gift. The pan is amazing. However, as I developed my batterie de cuisine, I opted, and still swear by, original Calphalon, NON-COATED (i.e., sans Teflon or other polymer lining). My 1978 Calphalon sautoir prepared over 5,200 meals before the surface showed signs of wear, and the naturally protein-non-adhesive property of grey anodized aluminum began to fail. Calphalon is guaranteed for life, and the company will immediately replace any piece with a new one. The new ones have what the 1978 line did not: a stay-cool stainless handle as opposed to a steel, tin-dipped handle, for which a Cool-Handle commercial silicone overlay was always de rigeur, except when used in an oven, when you needed to slip the silicone off. I highly recommend Calphalon uncoated anodized.

In 2005-2006 I purchased an All-Clad saucepan, but with the copper this time shielded by stainless on the exterior as well as the interior, and with stainless handle. It cooks wonderfully, despite the thinness of the stainless, since the core is still solid copper. Note that the extra long handle -- there for a reason -- may be a problem for smaller women, since its lever arm is high, and with a pan that large filled with a few pounds of food, it could easily dislocate a wrist or even fracture a bone in someone with calcium deficiency. Also, if your stovetop space is tight burner-to-burner, the long handle can pose some unwelcome problems when all four adjacent burners are in use.

I received as a gift half a dozen years ago what it now my favorite pan: a true copper bottom plate, 1/2" thick, welded to a super high grade stainless body, with a substantial stay cool professional chef's handle. Design done the right way, for a change. The resulting cooking properties are amazing! It is absolutely impossible for anything to burn in such a pot, regardless of the intensity of the burner. I have not checked it with a infrared digital thermometer yet, but I'm willing to bet the hacienda that the overall temperature fluctuation over the 38 square inch cooking surface of that pan does not exceed 2 degrees F!!!

Pans like this still exist. Mine was from a wonderful, but sadly now defunct, company -- a mainstay of American cooking for a good part of the 21st century: EKCO (formerly, "The E K Company"). The line EKCO purchased was the now equally defunct "Revere Ware" line. (Yes, I know that Wrangler Jeans (VF Corporation) purchased the Revere Ware name and is making saucepans and small "frying pans" in China, but really . . . it's only for laughs.

Yes, at last we get to the subject of this response. The solid copper plate (NOT copper disk, which is what the Tivoli has) of the Revere Ware is the secret to magic cooking. Regrettably, I have to admit that such a pan is worth the several hundred dollars it costs. You can find such cookware on the website of the son of the infamous Fred Bridge, who was the provider of cookware to Julia Child in the early 1970s. Fred would go to Europe and purchase truly grand cookware, completely unavailable today (with the possible exception of France and Italy). His stuff sold for nearly $400 a piece 40 years ago, a lot of money back then. Foolishly, at that time I thought that the copper thing was just a show-off gimmick, but that proved not to be the case.

As to my Tivoli experience, it is limited to a single 12" copper disc bottomed, curved-side frying pan. The bottom, which is made to appear to be a solid plate of copper, but is most certainly not so. Rather, it is a rolled sheet copper of unknown thickness (but a lot thicker than a copper ply (1/32") bonded to an aluminum disk which appears to be at least 2/16 - 3/16". The copper bottom is bent toward the sides of the pan, and that curved edge gives the illusion of thickness. The weight of the pan is far too light for a pan with a true copper bottom.

The Tivoli cooks passably but not brilliantly, and I did not administer a telling experiment, in which one observes under intense light the reflection off a film of extra-virgin olive oil heating on the surface over a relatively aggressive flame.

What did surprise me, however, is that the stainless used on the cooking surface of the Tivoli I bought in 2005 is very sub-par in its chromium-nickel ratio, which is obvious to anyone familiar with rudimentary metallurgy and with the manner in which light reflects off a brushed stainless surface of stainless containing varying proportions of chromium and nickel.

I found the pan interior, after adequate cooling, to be unreasonably difficult to clean properly, partly as a result of the heat conduction irregularities in the surface and partly as a result of the steel formulation and the manner in which it is polished at the factory. A quick comparison at the store with an All-Clad interior bottom will make this all plain to you.

There is a definite place in the world for non-stick, and the answer does NOT begin with the letter TEFLON or any other "LON", for that matter. Well, make that six letters. Lon works well only when followed by the word Chaney.

However, it is not widely known that for the past year and a fraction, there is a new technology which portends a lifetime of stick- free cooking, and virtually self-washing, cookware. The Swiss, and, more recently earlier this year, one or two Oriental manufacturers (and possibly even one in Brazil), are manufacturing diamond surfaced cookware. Industrial diamonds with diameter of dust specs are permanently fused to thick (4/16" - 5/16") aluminum, anodized on the surface that contacts the burner. Needless to say, these surfaces are impervious to damage by any known cooking tool. I hesitated to purchse one at the beginning of this year, partly because of price (each piece is likely to cost over $100 - $200, partly because the new industry is easing slowly into pots and pans of larger diameters, the early batches being saucepans of unusually diminutive stature, and partly because I was waiting to see whether delamination of the diamond surface would occur following a large number of heating and cooling cycles. On someone else's dime, of course.

I have not learned of anything horrible occurring.

So, that's what I can tell you of Tivoli brand. If you know what you're doing in the kitchen and find it at a steep discount, as I did that day, there's a lot worse out there. Taking the longer perspective, it's better to have a very small number of truly fantastic pots and pans than dozens of mediocre ones.

Thanks for reading. Now go ye forth and do the cooking!!

Thanks for a fun read!
Bought a LeGrand French design by TIVOLI yesterday.
As instructed wash in hot soapy was and dry.
My usual habit , boil water and the next morning I see black dot and discolouration which I tried removing, which is not possible at all, very disappointed for the price paid even it is on offer. Not worth it at all.
I have 1 Tivoli brushed stainless saucepan 2 quart size and am looking for a 3 quart.
It is my favorite pan.Easy to clean and looks great.I purchased it at Homesense here in Ontario Canada.You could also check Winners if you have one nearby.
Hope this helps someone.
mom of 2
Bought the Boudeux copper clad , 24 peice set for my daughter at for less thatn 150USD and she loves it!! no problem with smell, fumes, sticking, discoloration, etc. She has an electric glasstop range. The set was an ABSOLUTE STEAL! 5xcopper clad base, riveted long handles eith good weight and highly polished stainless steel. Good in the oven to 450 degrees and the lids to 350 degrees (I think). Hope it works out for you!
Tivoli cookware
I have a Tivoli 8" pan that everything sticks to. What am I doing wrong.
Once you have done some scorching or stick on burning, the surface is never the same. Here are some helpful things to improve:

Clean it very thoroughly, using a soak of Dawn Power Scrub (dishwashing liquid aisle).
Prheat ONLy to medium high. Enamel pans do not do well on high, especially empty.

The pan that I have is a Stainless Steel Pan.
OK. It might not show if it has been burned before, but is will do the stick and scorch thing if it has been.

Both my parents and grandma LOVE to cook and they have always used copper pots/pans. I recently purchased Bodeux pots from Winners, showed my mom and she told me it was a good buy. When I showed her all the complaints on this blog about the pot/pan dis-colouration etc., she assured me that this is a completely natural reaction for copper pots/pans when exposed to heat. There is nothing wrong with the copper turning black with white spots, it just has to be cleaned with proper copper cleaners.

I think I will keep my Bodeux pots because I trust my mom's many years of experience cooking with copper pots/pans.

Does this help anyone?


Attached to the back of one of the pans I bought, there is a "Copper Stainless Steel Cookware Use & Care" section. The very last bullet states:

"Copper will discolour through the application of heat and climate condition. A good stainless steel and copper cleaner may be used to complete the cleaning"

Thanks :-D

I just purchased 2 medium sauce pans and 3 medium skillets $14.99 each all with glass lids. They are my favorite color purple and lilac. I can't wait to use them in my new kitchen. They were purchased at Ross.
I bought a Bodeux stock pot from Winners in BC three months ago. I am so pleased with it, I was hoping to find more. Not so sure now after reading this, but my stock pot is a constant source of cook's pride when I see its beautiful SS surface sitting on my glass top stove. I have had no problems with it, and it functions just the way I hoped. All my other pots are All-Clad that I have had for over twenty years. They are as close to perfect as pots can get, just a little pricey.
Can anyone help me? I need to replace my stockpot and want non coated stainless steel. I'm looking at TJMaxx and choices seem to be: Kitchenaid, and Calphalon. Why can't I find what countries these are made in? I am holding out for a U.S.A. manufacturer or I may resort to checking antique stores. thanks.
Kitchen-aid is made all over the world; for example, the blenders are made in Ohio, but the mixers are made in China.

Caphalon is owned by Newell Rubbermaid, and much of their manufacturing is in USA and Canada. They also have a recycling program for used equipment that is unique in the industry.

Half of all Calphalon Cookware made in China and 100% of Kitchen-aid cookware made in Thailand and China
I just emailed Calphalon Cookware asking where their stainless steel pots are made. Their answer..China! Their other cookware is made in the States.

I'm pretty sure I'm going with Regalware stainless or American Kitchen, made in the U.S.A. and affordable.

Tivoli pans are manufactured in Indonesia, and not in Denmark. I began to search for the answer as I want to avoid anything made in China, in an effort to avoid products made with lead and other toxic materials.
Tivoli Enamel on Steel Cookware is pretty nice for low to medium-high heat cooking - we like it. Like all steel cookware, they do require hand washing/ drying - & not siting in standing water, etc.

We do NOT use ANY stainless cookware anymore - the nickel used to make it is beautiful, but too toxic for us. Check it out yourself.

Lodge Cast Iron (non-enameled) is outstanding made in the USA cookware. It's herloom quality (will last forever) cookware with proper care.

For high heat cooking/ searing - Matfer Black Steel & DeBuyer Mineral Steel - both fantastic commercial cookware from Europe - is our only choice.

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We bought our Tivoli pieces at Kitchen Collection at different outlet malls. Still looking for saucepans. Need to go to Marshalls and TJ Maxx.
I was at Homesense and saw a Bodeux 10" frying pan with copper bottem, aluminum core and stainless steel. The wierd thing is that the inside of the frying pan is black and looks like a non-stick surface but there is no mention anywhere of a non-stick surface. From what I read here, I am thinking that Bodeux is not a good buy...
Most readers who have tried it have not been enthusiastic...
BODEUX stainless steel cookware enjoy 5 star rating with more than 87 reviews.. it is listed in
I recently purchased 2 Tivoli Gourmet pots with stainless steel lids (no glass). Readers have said that they have had issues with the glass lids.... any issues with the stainless steel lids?
I have two of these pans both with glass lids. I bought one many years ago and have never had a problem. I would love to find a whole set.
Does anyone own or have review of Avolon cookware. It is stainless steel with bottom... aluminum then copper and aluminum and stainless steel?
You can find info online just Google tivoli cookware. I have the 12 quart stock pot and love it. Will be buying the complete new set.
I have Tivoli aluminum nonstick restaurant saute pans and they are wonderful! My 10inche just gave up the ghost. So now I have to find where to buy them because Home goods no longer sells the brand.
I have lagostina fry pans. Have had them for 40 years lately there is a metal smell after washing. Do they have nickle in them. They are made in Italy. If anyone can answer some of these questions I would appreciate it. thks
Stainless steel pans don't specify what is included in their blend, and many do include nickel.

Have you changed detergent? Never use bleach or chlorine based products on your pans as it is extremely corrosive to stainless steel, even when diluted. It will cause tiny pits to appear.

I love all the good things that everyone had to say about Tivoli cookware and you are all right. It is very hard to find a complete set. My mom gave me her 1972 wear-ever set of stainless pots and pans, so I have decided to sell my Tivoli complete set of pots and pans. I have the ceramic and non-stick 16 piece set of cookware. It is the red Valentine collection with the heart shaped end to the handles and the handles stay cool. Most Tivoli complete sets have to be ordered because most stores do not carry them in surplus. I love the Tivoli pots but I like my mom's much better because they are rare and you can't find them any more. They have lasted for 41 years. Good ole American-made. Anyone who might be interested. send a post.
OAMC Vegetarian Plan
I made a recipe from the vegetarian OAMC plan tonight. I only made half to try it out. This recipe should be deleted at once. I have been a vegetarian for many years and have tasted many "experiments" over the year but this was the worse! Total waste of ingredients! I deleted the whole file and will not be trying anything else on this site.
JoEllen, I am sorry it did not work for you. Which recipe did you not like? I have received lots of happy comments about recipes on this site, including this collection, and this is literally a first. If you tell me which recipe, I will be glad to review it.
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Wow, this thread is over 10 years old, still going....

Similar purchase experience as others here... bought 8" 10" & 12" non-stick Tivoli pans one-at-a-time at discount store. I bought them because they felt heavy and solid in the store, assumed they would conduct heat well, and i wanted all metal handles for use in oven, even quick broiler exposure. They've performed great for 12+ years but finally aging a tiny bit. Scratches in the nonstick, etc.

I look online, Amazon , eBay, etc, Tivoli is very hard to find. They have a website describing their product line, but it doesn't appear they sell direct to public.

Has anyone found Tivoli cookware for sale in recent years?

There are a few up on EBay
I am glad I am not the only one. I bought two pots 7 years ago. I use only these two and all my super expensive cookware stays on shelves, lol. I checked Amazon, local stores, nothing! I tried contacted Tivoli cookware through their website, but looks like their email doesn't work. I am desperate.
Check out their site:

and here on ebay:

In the USA, Tivoli deals with TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods
Is Tivoli non stick finish dangerous?
The Teflon non stick finish is very poisonous to consumers that use it, or eat the food cooked on it.
It is not teflon.
I just bought a very large Tivoli enamel ware stock pot at a thrift store for $5. Did I get a good deal? I like the size for making stock from a turkey carcass.
yes. good deal.
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