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light dinner for 100 (80 adults, 20 kids)
My wedding is in three weeks and I am planning a light dinner for 100 people. We are doing sandwhiches (egg salad, tuna, and possibly ham), macaroni salad, caesar salad and maybe coleslaw. We were also thinking of a veggie platter, pickles and olives, devilled eggs, cheese and crackers and of course the wedding cake. I'm just not sure how much food to prepare - and is this okay for a light wedding supper?
Just wanted to add that our ceremony is in the hall at 4:30 and the food will be served buffet style around 5:30 pm. We only get the hall about an hour before the ceremony so we need food that is quick to set-up - which is why we went with salads and sandwhiches.
Please look at the sandwich event page, but also, take a look at your party. You've picked two of the least popular and strongest smelling fillings- since this is a wedding feast, you want to have even simple food be tasty and delicious.

Since you have only a week or so, may I strongly suggest you get with one of the good sub shops and order your sandwiches in assorted trays- they can advise to what is the preferred assortment in your area.
If you choose to set out choices, please use the guide for cold cuts and cheeses, breads and condiments on the sandwich page. For example, 1/3 roast beef, 1/4 ham, 1/4 turkey, and 1/6 tuna or egg salad would be a much more usual assortment. Have a 2 sided serving table- one line will be too slow.With the kids coming, a bowl of smooth peanut butter or Nutella and some jam, also.

macaroni salad, 6 pounds dry pasta, many recipes for 100 this site
Caesar salad, use the amounts for 100 on the plan for 100 page
coleslaw 2 1/2 gallons

veggie platter, with all the salads, strongly suggest you consider fruit trays instead. See fruit tray page
pickles and olives, about 3 quarts each, assorted
deviled eggs, good, very popular, 4 1/2 dozen eggs. Notes on procedure and timing on this are on this site.

cheese, 1 pound per 12, some can be logs or spreads
crackers, 6-8 pounds

Suggest you have lemonade or punch, about 8 gallons, about 10 iced tea (3 unsweetened) and dinner level coffee from the beverage page. Advice about water, ice, plates, napkins, etc, is also on that page.

Please consider recruiting or hiring a half dozen or 8 people to set up, serve and clean up the party, who are not in the wedding. That's what it takes to have a relaxing, trouble-free meal for 100.

Good luck, Jenny. Get some help.

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