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turkey dinner for 100
christian snelson
I am looking at cooking dinner for 100 people looking at a turkey breast roughly 4 oz per person. looking at the TURKEY, BREAST WHOLE MUSCLE from a deli here don't want to cook a whole bird and have to bone it and all. found a good one at the deli but don't know how many i will need they are 8-9 pounds each. and stuffing i have no idea how many boxes i need figure 1 box would do about 8 people 1/2 c size
You need these two articles right now:
for help on amounts of everything
for discussion on yield. The most important thing is that for a Thanksgiving dinner, 1 pound raw boneless turkey breast makes only 2 servings, and 1 pound cooked makes only 3. Not clear whether your deli breasts are raw or cooked, but use these figures and you will have the right amounts for your feast.

The stuffing amount depends on whether you are also serving mashed potatoes or yams. The planning page will help. You need at least 1 cup gravy per 4, about 1 quart per 15.

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