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thanksgiving menu
Hi, how are you Ellen's.

Can you help me to create please?

something easy, elegant...

Hi, George,
I need a bit more info-
How many people? Kids? What kind of kitchen? cooking experience of cook/s? Type of service, buffet, plates, etc? Budget? Length of meal? For example, you could do a variation on the champagne lunch if you wanted a basically cold, elegant buffet; or you could do a traditional meal such as discussed in the community dinner. This depends a great deal on the type of crowd.

So write back with more info.

Dinner menu for 25 people
cooking experience: my cousin is chef
beverage donation.

budget maybe 28 p/p?

This is such a great size group to prepare for, and that is a very nice budget.

One approach here if these are fairly sophisticated eaters would be traditional foods with a twist in the prep, for example, a turkey breast scallopine with a cranberry chutney, caramelized winter squashes, whole green beans and a wild rice and almond pilaf; appetizers might include little shredded sweet potato latkes, Brussel sprouts in a mustard maple sauce with toothpicks, and spiced nuts/pecans.

A kale salad is the salad of the moment, many choices, have a little google search. An artichoke condite would be lovely, or a retro frozen fruit salad would be a chuckle.

For 25 people, you want to do about 3 desserts, one nutty, one pumpkiny/spicey and one chocolate. Maybe pecan tarts, pumpkin cheesecake and chocolate mousse cake or lava cake? You do these in small portions, so everyone can have some of each.

If alcohol is appropriate, I suggest Freixnet Brut. It is a wine Spectator 90 sparkling wine, a cava, makes great mimosas, nice as is and for cava cocktails.

Does that sound interesting? If you want a traditional dinner, see the shopping for large community dinners article at the top of Big Pots.

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