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Chinese Fried RIce for 300
Hi Ellen,
For a local international food festival, I am preparing small boat sized bowls of fried rice, and foil wrapped chicken. I need to serve 300, so I took a full serving and cut it in half. This is what I figured out. Would love your advice:
100 cups cold rice
18 cups chopped pork
18 c peas
40 chopped carrots
5 cups of oil/ sesame and peanut
75 green onions
75 eggs
9 c soy sauce or oyster sauce

For the Chicken, I figured I would have 600 foil wrapped chicken pieces made for 30 lbs of thigh meat.

WHat do you think??

I think you are short of chicken, this is not even an ounce per person. 1 ounce would be 38-40 pounds, and I might even go 1 1/2 ounces.

Also, suggest you look at my "practically perfect fried rice" recipe. Even assuming you made 12 small servings instead of 4 main dish servings, your amounts look short. Check it out. You can write back.

Thanks Ellen! I recalculated that for 1 cup of fried rice each for 300 people, I would need:
160 cups cooked rice
80 c vegetables
80 eggs
40 cloves of garlic
40 cups of Chinese sausage
20 small onions
8 cups of oil
10 cups of green onion

For 300 foil wrapped chicken I will figure 2 oz each, so 40 lbs. Thanks!!!

Better. Do please read the pratically perfect fried rice recipe and hints for guidance on the technique for best results, such as the split handling of the eggs.
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