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40th birthday surprise at a hall
lite menu, would like to do a che/pep/crac platter for app. then maybe assorted wraps,
asst. finger rolls, chips, pickles,
either a mac or pot salad, should I also do
a pasta/marina and meatballs for a hot food,
or should I stick with cold food. also, should I do bake beans and do I need a fruit tray and how large. having cake/candy station. also should I do wings or small buffalo bites, and if so, would I do as app or on buffet table. getting mixed reactions and sugestions from people. can you suggest and help on some of these quantites, thank you
please help, I need some answers, thanks
This depends partially on how hard you want to work during the party, vs. partying during the party.
Not too clear whether this is meant to be dinner? You can do some hot stuff in crock pots and not have a lot of oven cooking to deal with, and still have a nice food selection.

So send me a bit more info: how many people? what time and how long is the party? Do you have enough help (it takes 3 kitchen people and 6-8 out front to set up, serve and clean up a full dinner buffet for 100 people). Alcohol, and if yes, how much and what kinds? Budget constraints? Do you have full use of the kitchen (CHECK THIS! Sometimes hall rental does NOT include use of ovens and refrigerators).

around 70 people, arriving at 6 and planning on feeding at7, with dj starting around 8until? I have experience re some of this, as I have managed restaurant and catering. However, I did setup/and front end and did not order the food. Have full use of hall. I will be setting up night before,decorate,plastic plates,utentils,etc. I am doing for a relative so don';t plan on partying to much. trying to figure out appropriate menu, since ages will vary from 20-90(most between 35-55) thought was to have the app(C/C/P out when people arrived)
then not a sit down meal or heavy meal, that is why I though more like wraps,finger food, and maybe a hot dish.(pasta/meatballs) so need
to figure approximate quantities. if I have chicken wings/or buffalo wings should I do as app or put out with other food. I also will have a cake/etc. after the speech. If you have any other ideas, please post. also, should I do a vegetable platter or fruit platter, this is November??? thank you
Thanks for the extra info. This is a nice size group.
Have you considered something like a taco/nacho bar? This has hot things on it in crock pots, cheese sauce, beans, meats, maybe chili, but allows people to do pick-up food or taco salads also, and seems to be popular with all ages. If you wanted a hot dish you could do enchiladas or New Mexican style stack enchiladas.

Fruit trays, chips and salsas, maybe some other Mexican theme appetizers:

I encourage people to do 2-3 ounces meatballs or 2 chicken legs as meaty appetizers these days, since wings have become so costly, and people eat a lot of them.

So does a fiesta theme fit your plans?

sorry/wish that could work, but, not for my area, small town, relatively old school and nothing new or different, also, I am sure the
older family members, etc. would not appreciate it, most do not like Mexican style food, back to the drawing board.

really would prefer some type of platters, and just maybe one/two hot dish,,
with a small app table until guest of honor comes, I would say most guest would be their around 1/2 hour before ,,
also, their will be no children,

I would like to do some type of theme, etc.
but think just easy with a simple , quick, buffet,, with the cake/candy bar to follow, with the dancing.

I am going to make what I can, and just order
the balance,

OK. I would skip pasta or baked beans and stick with finger foods

Suggest for appies:
meatballs- 10 pounds per 100, 3 quarts sauce, electric fry pan or crock. Toothpicks.
chips, 1 pound per 12, could be corn or potato
dip, 1 cup per 5 if thick, per 6-8 if thin/salsa
hummus, or other bean or thick dip, 1/4 cup plus 1 ounce pita or pita chips per person
Consider adding 2 pieces per person of something like mini quiches or the Spinach Parm bites on this site.

assorted wraps, 1 wrap per person (2 pieces), make about 10% meatless
asst. finger rolls, 3 bites per person

pickles, 1 gallon per 100, or consider a classic relish tray at the top of the veggie tray page
either a mac or pot salad, 35 pounds potatoes or 6 pounds dry pasta per 100, can make 2 days ahead

Fruit tray, definite yes, see the fruit tray page, can do day ahead except berries

You could do chicken legs or sausage bites in crocks, 1 leg per person plus 10% or 1 pound sausage per 5
If you do sausage, add crusty baguette pieces, about 1 pound per 10.

Candy bar- 1 pound per 4-6, some could be small cookies or bars made ahead and frozen

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per person, to support this site. Thanks.

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