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feeding 150 people
I am making the food for my sons wedding in November. We are having 1 kettle chicken corn and 1 kettle of vegetable soups. I am also making pulled pork BBQ and roast beef along with baked beans, potatoes salad and coleslaw. I need to know how much I will need to make. There will also be vegetable and fruit trays. Chips, pretzels and of course cake. Thanks for helping.
Hi, Kris,

Most soup kettles hold 10 quarts at most, only about 40 to at most 50 servings, so I am wondering about your limit to "2 kettles". I would do at least 8 gallons. Also, are both the pork and beef for sandwiches? I am assuming they are, and the numbers would be different if the beef were plated.

pulled pork BBQ 1 pound per 4 for all
sauce- have a bottle for each table on the table
roast beef- 1 pound per 3 for all
gravy- at least 1 cup per 4
rolls/baguettes- 1 pound per 6
sliced onions- about 9 pounds
pickles-1 gallon

baked beans, 3 gallons per 100, have some meatless for the vegetarians in the crowd
potato salad, 50-60 pounds raw potatoes
coleslaw- 30 pounds cabbage plus add ins

vegetable trays- use veggie tray page, or do 2 classic relish trays on the same page
fruit trays- 1 1/2 deluxe tropical tray for 100 on the fruit tray page
chips, 1 pound per 12
dip, 1 pint per pound, minimum
pretzels, 8 pounds
Serve a punch or lemonade along with the appetizers, 10+ gallons

cake, least costly to provide a smaller formal wedding cake, plus a groom's cake, plus "kitchen cakes"- sheet cakes in the wedding cake flavor.

Write back for more questions. If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support the site. Thanks.

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