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Hollan's wedding
Hollan tucked this at the end of a very long thread and I just found it. She wrote:

I'm getting married in November, my mom will be doing most of the cooking although I'll be helping a lot the day before. We're planning on having ham, a twice backed potato casserole dish, a sweet potato casserole dish, green beans, Caesar salad and rolls. Is that enough options? We're having cupcakes and smores later in the evening and we're not having a cocktail hour with appetizers so I was thinking about putting some platters with cheeses and vegetables out with dinner.
I'm on a budget so I can't really hire anyone to carve ham or serve the food, if we slice the ham and put in in a chaffing dish will it be ok?
Thank you! Oh and there will be about 90 people there.

Hollan this is a perfectly OK menu, I just have a couple of suggestions:

First, you/mom need help. It takes 6-8 people to set up, serve and clean up this size party day of, and none of them can be part of the wedding, because they need to be prepping the food during the service. Get busy lining up some reliable help.

Second, with 90 people, you need an appetizer table set up when the guests start coming in the hour after the service while you all get your photos done, especially if there are children in the group. This also covers if the meal is a little delayed. Do at least a fruit tray (see the fruit tray page,) and a cheese and cracker tray with about 9 pounds of cheeses, some can be logs or spreads, and 7-8 pounds of crackers, and a big bowl of punch or lemonade, about 8 gallons.

ham, 30-35 pounds boneless ready to serve

a twice backed potato casserole dish, 30 pounds potatoes
a sweet potato casserole dish, 20-25 pounds potatoes

green beans, 22 pounds ready to cook. Consider doing 1 1/2 of ellen's better green bean casserole at the top of the Big Pots page.

Caesar salad- use the guide in the plan for 100 page

rolls-12-14 pounds, get really good bread, 3 pounds butter

cupcakes- 1 each plus some extra if there is 1 flavor, but 60% of each if there are two flavors
smores- are REALLY messy to prep in wedding clothes. There are a BUNCH of s'more style cookies and brownie bar type s'mores that would be a much better choice. 2 smallish per person

Add dinner level coffee, see the beverage planning page

Other beverages, see the beverage planning page

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