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Pre-reception cocktail hour for 200 people
Hi, Ellen! I am finalizing my grocery list for my upcoming Texas wedding which will have 185 adults and 30 kids. We are having the reception catered/delivered (bbq pork sliders, tamales, crab cakes, as well as dumplings and steamed pork buns, (as my girlfriend is Taiwanese)), but I am taking charge of the cocktail hour. It'll be quick affair transitioning from the back lawn ceremony to the front lawn reception, but it'll be dinner time so I want people to have a decent quantity of food.

Olives/Antipasto 12 lbs
Mixed Nuts 8 lbs
cheese 20 lbs, mixed gouda, goat cheese, brie, and cheddar
Chips 16 lbs
Salsa 6 quarts
Crackers/flat bread 37 lbs

The one thing I'd like to add is some cured meats, but as they are expensive, I want to ensure the minimum quantity without looking cheap.

I'm also having fresh fruit, but am tempted to let the caterers bring the fruit trays as it would be a lot of prep work.

Thanks so much!

This is looking good, needs just a little tweaking.

Olives/Antipasto 12 lbs- about 2 gallons
Mixed Nuts 8 lbs- could go 10
cheese 20 lbs, mixed gouda, goat cheese, brie, and cheddar- plenty
Chips 16 lbs- plenty
Salsa 6 quarts- OK, probably none left
Crackers/flat bread 37 lbs - way too much, about 16-18 pounds

Fruit is the perfect addition to the cheese, you could do it yourself easily if you did grapes, berries, and dried fruits (dates, prunes, apricots, maybe apple, mango or pineapple chips?)

You do not need meat with this. If you do decide to do it, get either summer sausage or pepperoni type (dry, small tubes, slice very thin), about 1 ounce per person; or smoked sausage baked and cut into bites for toothpicks, 6-8 pounds per 100

thanks for the advice about the meat! i was very worried about that cost. How many pounds of dried fruit could substitute for some of the fresh?
You want about 100 servings- check the packages of whatever you decide to use for estimates-
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