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Birthday party
I am doing a birthday party for 130 ppl
I need an idea of amounts
Wings with ranch
Mini quiche
Ham rolls
Cheese tray with crackers
Wine punch
Icecream punch
6:00- nuts mints and pretzels
730- apps
OK, what you are doing because of the timing is a dinner of appetizers, and it takes a lot.

nuts- 6 pounds per 100
mints- 4 pounds per 100
pretzels- 6 pounds per 100

7:30 (I would start no later than 7, people will not eat dinner before they come and they will be very hungry
Wings- 6-8 pieces per person. Baked are much easier than fried. Less expensive- 2 legs per person
ranch- 1 quart per 15
Meatballs- 1 pound per 5-6. 3 quarts per 10 pounds
Mini quiche-3 per person
Ham rolls- 3-4 bites per person
Cheese tray- about 12 pounds per 100, some can be rolls or spreads
crackers- 8 pounds per 100, some could be bread bites
You need to add fruit trays (see the fruit tray page) and either veggie trays or relish trays (see the veggie tray page). Also consider something like hummus or a 7 layer dip plus pitas or corn chips; 6-8 quarts per 100 plus 8 pounds bread or chips.

Wine punch-
Ice cream punch-
The split on these depends on the age range of your group. You basically need 8 gallons per 100 of drinkers, calculate on your estimates of wine vs. punch drinkers
Coffee- make dinner level per adults, see the beverage planning page. Also has about napkins, etc. You want small plates for this , 7 inches or less, or people will take too much at once.
Water- bottled water is iced and offered at parties these days- 1 per person

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

I would add a hundred slider rolls and a shaker of Parm cheese next to the meatballs. Also, you can use any of the recipes or charts on this site, just count your party as 1 1/3 times amounts for 100.
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