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Buffet Quanties
Hi Ellen, I always struggle with amounts. I am doing a buffet for 110 people this Sat Oct 26, Main course Baked ziti w/meat sauce, ricotta & mozzarella, Pot Roast of beef , Cheddar Baked Boneless Chicken Breast w sauce , Salad, rolls , carrots , green beans, and creamer size roasted red potatoes . My question is quantity for how many on the 3 main courses (beef for how many, ziti , chicken ) I already have all of my recipes. Hope you can help. Thank you Michelle
I should have said I ordered 20 lb green beans, 15 lb baby carrots and 40 lb of potatoes.
The veggies look OK.

The thing about your entrees is, most people will take a meat and some ziti, and you don't have anything that could serve as an entree for non-meat eaters. My suggestion is you make the ziti meatless (or at least 1 pan, and identify it).

Pot Roast of beef, 35 pounds boneless beef
Cheddar Baked Boneless Chicken Breast w sauce, 1 pound raw chicken per each 4, use small pieces, so that 2 is a serving and 1 is what the people who take both will take.
Ziti- 9-10 pounds dry pasta, maybe some left

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