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holiday dinner for 200 people or maybe more
Our office is cooking a holiday dinner for our members. We are guessing around 200. but I hope we don't run out.
Can you tell me how many turkeys and hams for 200?
How many pounds of potatoes for mashed potatoes?
How many pounds of veggies?
How many pounds of cranberries?
How many pounds of stuffing?
This is our first dinner our office is holding for our members. So its all new. We have five staff that will be cooking and one volunteer from a soup line, he is familiar with cooking for large crowds. One other volunteer. So I'm hoping we can pull this off.
Hi, Dawn,
This is covered in detail in the shopping for large community dinners article at the top of Big Pots. There are also several other articles you can use. When you look it over, you can write back.

You have enough cooks. You need front folks- about 10 people to set up, serve, and clean up.

You might consider having the turkey and stuffing or potatoes made locally for you- that makes the rest of the job easier.

By the way, you need to be thinking about refrigeration as well as heating- this is 300 pounds of food, multiple refrigerators full...
Thank you, we have a large kitchen area rented for this date, We spoke with one the chefs that is volunteering there time on this day. He cooks for at least 200 people at his soup line a day. so that is a plus for us. but for us were kind of nervous cuz its our first, I think once we get over the anxiety of how many people and get the hang of it, it will go smoothly. thank you ellen
Have lots of fun! Get enough help!
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