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Luncheon for 100
Hi, I am going to be helping a group of ladies prepare a lunch for around 100 people. The following is our menu:

Creamy Potato Soup How many lbs of potatoes do I need to make soup for 100?
Toss Salad 15 lbs of salad mix?
Chicken Salad (How many lbs of chicken salad?)or Ham & Cheese Sandwiches I Know I need at least 120 sandwiches per 100 guest right?
Banana Pudding
Sweet Tea

Will you please tell me if I have enough salad mix and how many lbs of potatoes and chicken salad? Thank you so much for your help!

You need 6 gallons to make a cup per person. Decide on your recipe and make one recipe and measure it.

Salad is OK.

I would make 1 each of ham and chicken salad sandwiches, especially if you use thin bread.
1 ounce cheese and 1 1/2 ounce ham per sandwich.

Chicken; 1 pound boneless makes 2 cups meat which makes about 4 cups of salad with celery, parsley, and mayo. This makes 12-15 sandwiches.

Please be sure there is an unsweetened drink such as unsweetened tea or coffee available.

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