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Plan for 125
I am having a 50th anniversary party for my parents, expecting 100-125 guests. I wanted to keep the menu simple for my sake, but now fearing there are not enough options. I am planning fried chicken , potatoes and gravy, green beans, macaroni salad , cole slaw, and dinner rolls. I will also have fresh fruit and veggies on the tables for snacking. Suggestions on what I should add please! Thank you!
Fried chicken is a much tougher prep than either of the wedding chicken dishes on this site, which can be made ahead, frozen, and hold well for buffet service. Also, you don't have any dish for the non-meat eaters to use as an entree.

fried chicken, suggest you consider alternative? see above; if not, 2 pieces per person
potatoes and gravy, 45 pounds raw potatoes, about 10-12 quarts gravy

green beans, See Ellen's better green bean casserole and make 2 recipes. If plain, 30 pounds ready to cook.

macaroni salad, 7 pounds pasta
cole slaw, 25 pounds cabbage plus fixings

dinner rolls, get good ones, not too large, 2 per person, 3-4 pounds butter.

Fresh fruits and veggies, see the fruit tray page and the veggie tray page.

Strongly suggest you have an appetizer area if you are self catering. You will need 2 serving lines, or 1 double sides, 3 people in the kitchen, and about 6 out front to set up, serve, and clean up this size party.

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