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Party for 55 people
Hello! I'm having my sons first birthday party this weekend. It is at 2 pm for about 55 people- I was planning on ordering most of the food but my husband vetoed that :). I plan on ordering a full tray each of chicken marsala and eggplant rollatini from a local restaurant. I was going to also make a large tossed salad, a full tray of penne vodka, a full tray of sausage and peppers, a large crockpot of meatballs with tomato sauce, and have rolls as well for meatball/sausage sandwiches. Is this enough food for approx. 55 people? other suggestions are ofcourse welcome :)
You have enough food except for the penne- you need 2 pans. Cut the sausage fairly small.

Get good rolls, or cut baguettes or Italian sticks. 7 pounds of bread if mostly adults, have 2 pounds butter. Add 3 pounds sliced provolone and a couple of shaker cans of grated Parm.

The salad planning info on pkan for 100 would help, do half.

Only possible addition, a fruit tray, see the fruit tray page.

You might check the beverage page. A pot or two of coffee would be a good addition, unless you don't drink it.

Thank you!
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