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Cook two meats at once
I was wondering if I could cook a turkey breast and a small ham at the same time? If so, what temp and do I add water. Thanks...
Yes, you can, 325 preheated at least 20 minutes, calculate the approximate times based on the weights, and do add in standing time, start each at the correct time for approximate same finish times. You have some wiggle room here; I suggest you get 2 in-the-oven meat thermometers and pull each when it reaches the appropriate temp. Keep in mind when figuring times that they can safely stand for 30-60 minutes out of the oven after cooking and that the temp will rise another 10 degrees after you pull them out. I pull turkey breast at 125-130, not the USDA recommended 140.

Ham time depends on whether it is pre-cooked and whether it has a bone, see the roasting and reheating discussions in the holiday cooking section at the top of Big Pots.

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