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Menu Choices
Doing a Christmas party for 25-30 people. Looking at having a ham with Parmesan potatoes, a hot corn soufflé, cold salads and rolls. Thinking maybe I should have a second entre option. Like the idea of a baked ziti or similar dish but want to know if that would work considering my other dishes. Also, if I do the ziti can I drop the corn soufflé...need to minimize hot dishes as have just. one oven for hot sides....ham will be done in electric roaster. Thank you!
This is a fine menu and because you have the Parm potatoes and the corn souffle, you do not need a vegetarian friendly second option. What you might consider is something like antipasto or roasted vegetables that can be served room temp to add a little color/flavor to the mix. I would not cut the corn to add another starch- corn side dishes are tremendously popular. This is a nice size party.
I forgot to mention that I was also planning on a green veggie dish...but because of my oven constraints was going to ask someone else to bring that one dish. So I LOVE the idea of roasted veggies at room temp...perfect! Thanks for the idea and thanks for your prompt response! Awesome site!
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