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Cook time for top sirloin roast
I have 16 top sirloin roasts to cook. I am taking your advice on cooking them Friday in broth to be warmed in the oven for Saturdays dinner. The butcher cut them smaller than expected so they are each about 5-6 lbs. I am putting 8 at a time quickly seared on the outside then put into roast pan and covered with foil and some broth into my convection oven at 300. I haven't cooked this many at a time before. How long should this take? Does cooking them longer make them more tender, or will it matter with this cut of beef.
Thanks for rescuing me !
top sirloin does not
Top quality top sirloin does not have to be pot roasted, it can be roasted for slicing. Are you trying to get shredded or Italian style beef, or are you working on dinner plates? This is enough meat for about 200 people. It is a fairly lean cut, does not benefit from overcooking. More info, please.
We are serving 100 people buffet style. I wanted to go over and some of the men can be big eaters! We aren't having appetizers just rolls, salad, cooked veggies, mashed potatoes and gravy. It's a church fundraising dinner.
I always add some liquid and cover a roast to keep it moist. It will be sliced after cooling on Friday and served reheated Saturday night. So I need the liquid to keep it moist.
I was thinking 3-4 hours at 300 convection. Any thoughts about this plan?
Consider as sirloin tip or top sirloin; 300, no more than 16-20 minutes per pound. 3-4 hours will be way overdone.

Read this article:

and check these recipes:

Here are some notes from a good home cook:

4.2lb spoon roast (about 4 inches tall in the middle).

- roast left uncovered in fridge overnight
- taken out of fridge, patted dry, rubbed with olive oil, paprika (both smokey hot and mild varieties), italian herb blend, fresh ground pepper, and lightly sprinkled with kosher salt
- then left to come to room temp sitting in a rack in the roasting pan for 1 hr
- 30 mins before cooking, preheated to 250 and allowed to heat for half hour while meat continued its coming to room temp
- roast in oven, temp turned down to 170
- checked internal temp periodically, starting at 3 hrs
- it was ready to come out at 4hrs 35 mins
- broiled at 500 for about 5 to 10 mins to crisp fat (this one had fat)
- out of oven and tented to rest 45 mins in roasting pan

It worked like a charm, not quite rare, but had the right texture, being amazingly tender (my fella said, like buttah), so it didn't matter.

Check out a google search for top sirloin roast.

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