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Brunch for 150 people

I am really in need of your expertise. I am catering a brunch for 150 people. I never prepared brunch before for this # of people. I don't know how much to buy and how much to charge the person who asked me to come to this event. Please help here is my menu:

-Potatoes or Hashbrown Casserole
-French toast
-Sour dough
-French bread
-Vegetable Platter
-Meatrolls with Cheese
-Crackers, Cheese, and Dip
-Fruit and Dip
-Yogurt and Parfait
-Tuna Salad
-Chopped Chicken
-Herbal Tea (Black, Mint, and Raspberry)
-Orange Juice
-Apple Juice
-Signature Drink (fruit juice with champagne)

Way too many food choices for a brunch this size, not a professional offer. Who set up the menu and can it be altered? What kind of kitchen, how many cooks (you need at least 3-4 better), how many servers (at least 10), are you responsible for set up, service, and clean up, are you responsible for china or is it paper? What about decorations? This is a pro question and when you can answer all these questions, it could go to the pro boards.

If you want to answer all this, write back.

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