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Christmas Party
I have about a month to plan a Christmas Party for my husband's family. Will be approximately 50 people, some of them children. My budget is about $500 and non-traditional choices like Italian or Mexican are a no go. My husband wants to cater it but he just doesn't realize the expense.(last year they got catered from MCL and it was awful.) I know if I start planning now I should be able to handle it. Was thinking glazed ham and roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, sweet potato casserole, green beans and macaroni and cheese. probably a veggie tray, cheese tray and deviled eggs as well. Ideas and suggestions would be greatly welcome.
This is a very do-able size group, and I need to know what size/type kitchen. It sounds like you are planning a dinner. Will this be buffet style with tables for everyone?

3 items besides the meat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, ad mac and cheese, require serious oven time. Would you be willing to skip one?

Is the roast beef rib roast or pot roast style?

Can guests bring some items or are you trying to do it all?

Write back.

Party is being hosted at a Masonic lodge. It has a kitchen but we can't get in til the morning of so most things will be cooked at home and reheated there. It will be served buffet style, single line. (the lodge isn't that big) I was debating between a baked mac and cheese and a cheese sauce. The sweet potato casserole recipe is one that reheats well thank goodness. The roast would be rib roast. And guests will likely be helping with drinks, desserts and some finger foods.
OK, 50 people

roast beef, bone in, 25-30 pounds
gravy 1 gallons
glazed ham, 12-14 pounds

mashed potatoes, 20 pounds
sweet potato casserole, 20 pounds
macaroni and cheese, 4 pounds pasta, 1 quarts sauce per pound, 1/2 to 1 pound cheese per pound

corn, 12 pounds
green beans, 12 pounds

You need really good rolls, 8 pounds, 1 1/2 pounds butter

veggie tray- use veggie tray page
dip- thin, 1 cup per 8
cheese tray- 6- 8 pounds, some can be logs or rolls
deviled eggs- 2 1/2 dozen eggs

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