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Stuffing in 18 Qt Nesco Roaster
I am using a Nesco 18 qt roaster for the first time. In prior years I made stuffing (dressing) in a 6 qt crock pot but we always ran out early. How many quarts of stuffing are recommended for a roaster? Can I triple my 6 qt recipe? What is the ideal time and temp settings for making stuffing in a roaster? Thank you!!
Triple will be just about perfect for the roaster. Time and temp same as regular oven, but add 1/2 hour (1 hour if cold) and use turn down discussed below.

Stuffing MUST reach 165 degrees to be safe. If it reaches this temp early, just turn roaster to 180 to hold.

Preheat the roaster at least 20 minutes before inserting the cooking well. Lift lid as little as possible, it increases cooking time; but it is OK to stir.

Use non-stick spray before filling the cooking well.

If you are mixing morning of, use warm/hot broth, and mix just before cooking. If using a refrigerated stuffing, drop the temp 25 degrees and add a half hour.

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