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wedding dinner for 270
Jaime Cubino
I'm catering a friends wedding reception and I'm wondering if my amounts are correct for 270 guests.The wedding is at the end of the month and is outdoors. Here's the menu:

Brunswick Stew - 24 quarts
Chicken and Rice Soup - 6 gallons
Vegetable Soup - 6 gallons
Fresh Bread - 190 pieces
Cornbread - 190 pieces

Lemonade - 8 Gallons
Sweet Tea - 12 Gallons
Unsweet Tea 4 gallons
Coffee - 3 Gallons
Decafe Coffee - 1-2 gallons
Hot Chocolate 200 servings

Jaime, this is not enough food for a wedding dinner. You need an appetizer service or nibble table with at least 3 items, and for 270 people at least 2 areas, 3 would be better.

You need salads, vegetables and fruits, some finger foods and/or spreads for the breads. Write back.

Thanks for the advice, but the bride is not budging about only having these options for the wedding dinner. Could I increase the amounts???
Jaime, you have to realize that if the food is inadequate, it is ALWAYS the caterer who is blamed, even if they make exactly what the family requested. You can ruin your rep in one event, especially in small towns. If it were me, I would turn down this job.

In the meantime, you have to have one piece of each bread per person, and I would not make less than 10 gallons of the Brunswick stew. Brunswick stew must be thick; otherwise, it would be vegetable soup with meat added. Most variations have more meat and vegetables than liquid. Since it is usually chicken-based, the chicken rice soup is a mediocre second choice- a creamy vegetable soup, such as broccoli cheese or mushroom would be a better choice, 8 gallons. The vegetable soup should be vegetarian vegetable.

Sorry for the bad news...

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