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Greek buffet
Hi - I'm planning a Greek buffet for 200 people. Not a sit down meal -- more like heavy appetizers. People will make their own pita sandwiches with either gyro meat or falafel. How much of each of the following do you suggest?

pocket bread
gyro meat
falafel balls
tomatoes (for sandwiches)
onions (for sandwiches)
tzatziki (for sandwiches)

pita chips

greek olives
spanikopita triangles
greek salad
baklava triangles


Hi, I love Greek food and some of the recipes you need are on site- you can use the search this site function to find them.

pocket bread- 1 whole per person
gyro meat - 1 pound per 3-4 (how big of eaters are they?)
falafel balls- almost everyone will have some, 4 per person, probably none left
tomatoes (for sandwiches)- about 10 pounds per 100, a little more if sliced instead of diced
onions (for sandwiches)- about 7 pounds per 100

tzatziki (for sandwiches) people will also use for salad and just dipping. Allow at least 1 cup per 4.

hummus-1 cup per 4. Don't just treat as a dip; do the presentation where it is spread on the tray, spoon-scaled and dressed with olive oil and sumac.
pita chips-1 pound per 15

A simple and handsome addition would be the canned vegetarian stuffed grape leaves. I prefer Aetna or Aegean brand and allow 5 cans per 200, which is 300 rolls.

greek olives- 1 gallon per 100 if no olives in the salad, 2-3 quarts if olives elsewhere.
spanikopita triangles= 2 per person
greek salad- use the Greek village salad recipe amounts on this site, can be made ahead except any lettuce

baklava triangles- self serving, if the baklava is cut in small pieces, people easily eat 2-3 each. You need coffee with this- see dinner coffee on the beverage planning page, a nice French roast.

If this saves you time, trouble or money, please, make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

Greek salad for 100 for wedding. There are 3 othe
I am doing a potatoe salad and a greek salad.

ai will appreciate any advise. Thank you

35 pounds potatoes for the salad. 3 1/2 gallons Greek salad if there are other green salads.
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