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BBQ Wedding for 250 people
I'm having BBQ chicken, ribs & sausage. The sides are going to be Baked beans, potato salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, tossed salad, mac & cheese, rolls, sweet tea & lemonade. How much should I need?
Glassic menu, you need to add an appetizer table and here is why:

Before the Buffet; Why You May Need an Appetizer Table
A self-catered buffet is a real challenge to the organizers, and things don't always come together as smoothly as hoped (my note; especially when grilling). By planning and setting up an appetizer area or "nibble table" which is ready when the guests begin to arrive, the cooks and servers have time to complete the arrangement of the dinner buffet. This is especially critical if there are children among the guests, or there is a wait before dinner, as at a wedding reception.

This does not have to be complicated. Three items, plus a punch, or two if one is alcoholic, are sufficient. Typically, include a fruit tray, a cheese tray and an attractive dip or spread; or you can go with a dinner theme such as TexMex with chips, salsas, Texas caviar and guacamole; Italian with bruschetta or antipasto; maybe shrimps or other cold seafood, if budget permits.

One appetizer service area is needed for each 100 guests.

Now, for your party;

For a grilling party of 250, you need 3 grillers, 3 cooks and about 15 servers to set up, serve and clean up. The cooks and grillers and some servers can't be part of the wedding party, as they will be needed to work during the service.

Now for the menu. First, do please read the BBQ planning article from the buttons above.

BBQ chicken, 1 piece per person
ribs- 2-3 ribs per person, this depends on the cut of the ribs
sausage- 1 pound per 5
You can do smoked sausages simmered in a roaster in BBQ sauce, saves grill space, ready with no wait and very popular.
Add about 10 servings of vegetarian patties or even better, "Field Roast" vegetarian sausages- with 200 people there will be some vegetarians in the crowd.
Add 10 pounds sliced onions per 100 and total 2 gallons pickles

Baked beans, 3 gallons per 100
potato salad, 4-4 1/2 gallons per 100
pasta salad, 6 pounds dry past per 100, many recipes on site
coleslaw, 2 1/2 gallons per 100
tossed salad, use plan for 100 table, do for just 200

mac & cheese, 1 pound pasta per 10, 1 quart sauce per pound, 1/2-1 pound cheese per pound

rolls, 2 smallish per, 3 pounds butter per

sweet tea, 24 gallons, at least 1/3 UNsweetened, with sugar and sweeteners available
lemonade- 8 gallons per 100, could be served with the appetizers.
About 150- 200 pounds ice

Most people like coffee with dessert, use dinner level coffee from the beverage planning page.

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