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thanksgiving turkey
I am cooking a nearly ll lb turkey for thanksgiving since I have been cooking the turkey I always place the stuffing inside the bird. But the problem I have is when I cook the turkey it splatters all over the oven. Someone suggested I cover it with aluminum foil and cook the lst hour at 350 degrees. I usually cook the turkey @ 325 degrees as butterball suggests. Any suggestions on how I can stop the splattering. I've asked other women and they said they do not have that problem with their stove. My stove is fairly new. Could you help. thank you
Audrey I do not cook the stuffing in the turkey and I do not recommend it, because in order to make the stuffing safe, you have to overcook the turkey, especially the white meat. More spattering

You do not say if you baste, this contributes to spattering.

It does NOT reduce spattering to increase oven temp.

Keep your preferred temp.
Put some water in the pan under the rack, grease hitting a dry pan spatters.
You can make a tent over the breast/turkey, it is NOT sealed, justs acts as a spatter rag.
Use a thermometer, not just the popup.
Read the article on roasting turkeys in the Big Pots section. Mine don't spatter.

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