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Turkey too big for roaster
My well meaning hubby purchased a 20# turkey when I requested an 18# (roughly). (Turns out the choices were 12# or 20#). Any way, when placing the frozen turkey into my 18 quart roaster, the lid will not fully close, there is not a big gap but the lid rests on the top of the turkey. Will I be able to get by with this? I do not have a big enough roaster pan for the oven and would prefer using the electric roaster.
Thanks for your input.
No, the oven MUST have a closed top to cook safely and efficiently.

If it is thawed, you can cut it in half along the backbone and layer it in.

Or, you can cook ahead and reheat, using the directions in the holiday cooking section at the top op Big Pots. No carving, but it actually makes the meal simpler to serve.

Or you can use a very large rimmed baking sheet in the oven, and just siphon off any extra juices with a turkey baster,

Or you can buy a larger roasting pan and do it in the oven.

Or you can leave it in the freezer and try a different store for a smaller one. Somebody has a 17-18 pound turkey.

Good luck!

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