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make ahead items
PT Lady
Thanks for the response about the 20# turkey and the roaster....I am just going to have to "wing it" I guess and see how it goes.
another question: Is there a way to make mashed potatoes ahead of time (no sour cream or cream cheese as a family member does NOT like them). Also can I make stuffing ahead of time and place in a casserole. First time trying it kind of from scratch as I am not going to make stove top brand :)
Thanks again
You can make the potatoes using 1/2 and 1/2 and butter if it is just the day ahead; or make them early in the day and hold up to 4 hours in a crock pot on low. The fatty liquids help make it hold without becoming gluey.
You can make the stuffing the day ahead and bake day of, just be sure to use you trusty thermometer to make sure the stuffing gets to 165-180 in the middle of the dish.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Thanks again Ellen.
So I can make the mashed potatoes as usual in the morning and put in crock pot? Nothing else special.? I read somewhere about putting a towel over the crock under the lid to avoid excessive moisture? Dressing would be the brownberry crumbs type with chicken stock and celery and onions. It wont get mushy sitting all night? Bake with the lid off?
Thanks again and Happy thankgsgiving!
Yes, on the potatoes, and yes you can put a clean cotton dish towel or a couple of layers of paper towel over the top to catch drips.

The dressing won't be soggy unless you get too heavy handed with the added broth, but it will have a slightly smoother texture. I would cover until the last half hour.


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