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Cook Talk

I'm going to serve a brunch buffet for Christmas,I'd like to serve waffles,I have two ideas,which would you suggest. Make the waffles ahead of time,bake them light in color,and have a toaster nearby to reheat and crisp them. Or should I do as the hotel breakfast folks do and set a pitcher of waffle batter for guests to bake their own waffles. I'm having 15 people.
I regularly do an annual waffle brunch for this size group. I use 2 x the batter for Nonnie's waffles on this site, have grill spray, have pecans and mini-chocolate chips as add-ins, 1 bottle each real maple syrup, sugar free, and honey, a pound of soft butter, a large can of whipped cream, cut up strawberries; 1 pound smoked sausage per 3-4; 1 pound ham per 5; a coffee cake; 2 dozen soft scrambled eggs 2 juices, coffee, tea, mimosa makings (prosecco).

What you do need is 2 waffle irons- I plug them in to an octopus that has a surge protector, so if they surge, it trips the octopus, not the house circuit.

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