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Cook Talk

Soup n Sandwiches for 300
Our friends are having a 300 guests, noon, wedding reception. They want a chocolate fountain with fruit, cream cheese pinwheel roll ups, meatballs, and veggie cream cheese pizza for appetizers.
For the main feature, they want cream of potato soup and broccoli cheddar soup. Do you think 27 gallons of broccoli cheddar and 9 gallons of potato, is an accurate estimate??? I tried using your chart, to figure it.(self serve)
And your chart for soup crackers, for 100 people, 6 pounds, is that for saltine or oyster crackers?
They are also planning on chicken croissant sandwiches and pulled pork barbecue on buns. Would it be accurate to buy 100# raw n boneless pork shoulder for 200 self serve sandwiches, and 25# canned chicken for 1/2cup (4oz), 100 chicken salad sandwiches? Or do we need to add more meat to eat, because of buffet serving? (The 200 is assuming that 2/3 of people would choose pork over 1/3 choosing chicken salad!
Thank you for your help.
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