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Cook Talk

Serving Waffles
I am serving brunch for 15 guests, I will be serving waffles. Would it be better to bake the waffles before hand and let each person toast them to heat and crisp? or should I put out a waffle batter and have each person bake their own waffle? (It takes 5 mins to bake) I'm sure not everyone would want a waffle.
I do this size waffle brunch annually. The waffles are MUCH better fresh baked. My suggestion is, 2 waffle irons.

For $20-50, you can purchase a 4-square waffle iron. Use this and your current iron, and you can produce the necessary waffles in good time for this size party. Plug them into a surge-protected pigtail/ extension cord, so if they both come on at once, you switch the surge protected extension instead of blowing the circuit.

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