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Brunch for 20
I'm having a brunch buffet for 20 people,and I need to know how much to purchase.This is the menu: A beverage station includes coffee,orange juice,milk and lemonade. A breakfast station includes bacon,omelets,grits,coffee cake,cracked wheat bread and waffles,Soup station includes chicken noodle and clam chowder,a salad bar,Vegetable station includes steamed broccoli,vegetable tian,couscous,mashed potatoes,meat station includes salmon and prime rib. Thank you in advance.
Generally this would be considered too many foods and too many stations for a 20 person party. I suggest you go with either a luncheon type meal with the salmon and prime rib or a more traditional brunch, eliminating the waffles and breakfast meat, or else go more traditionally brunch, eliminating the salad bar, mashed potatoes and couscous and going with eggs and two meats usually serves with grits such as shrimps and grillades instead of the salmon and prime rib.

Will you think about your menu and write back? If you choose the original, I can help you estimate, but you are going to have a lot of leftover food, because for 20 people, you have to provide enough of everything so you don't run out with any direction of choices, and unlike with larger crowds, it does not even out.

Hope to hear from you.

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